Technology & Tools

We help our clients develop, manage, and optimize scalable social technology architectures — each one unique to the needs of their business.

Making the right technology choices for Social Transformation™

We offer full-service support from design and deployment to management and client-side training.

We also help clients who need to optimize or extend existing implementations. Our experience across the entire social technology spectrum means we can be an effective partner whatever the architecture in place.

Our platform experience

  • Social listening
  • Demographics and behavioral analytics
  • Passion & interest mapping
  • Trends and bevavioral data
  • Native platform analytics
  • NLP, emotion and sentiment mining
  • AI
  • Econometrics
  • Asset and template management
  • Bots and messenger architectures
  • Content curation
  • Content management
  • Content planning
  • Social publishing
  • VR/AR
  • Community management
  • Voice profiling
  • Influencer and advocacy workflow management
  • Social traffic management
  • Web 3.0
  • Data warehousing and storage
  • Dashboarding and visualization
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Just some of our data & tools partners
Our proprietary toolkit

We’ve combined our expertise in technology, data & analytics, and activation to create technology innovations that drive our clients’ marketing transformations forward at greater speed.

VOICEBOX’s data & analytics and workflow capabilities help us build, manage and measure people-powered communications programs at scale.

Social Advocacy ranks today’s brands based on levels of online brand love. The approach mixes technology, data science, and human analysis to help our clients put advocacy measurement at the heart of their communications strategy.

Social Fame measures the conversational power and cultural connectedness of today’s brands. We’ve customized our methodology to a broad variety of categories for our clients – from cutting-edge brands in the hyper-vibrant fashion category, to giants of global ecommerce and retail.