What it means to be us

Our story

It all began in a converted cowshed in 2000. Why are we called 1000heads? It’s a tale involving fountains, convention centers, and misheard phone conversations (ask us about it sometime), but it also represents community, conversation, and sharing, which are at the heart of everything we do.

Since those early days, we’ve continued to grow, and while we don’t quite have 1000 heads of our own (yet) we’ve got 180 of the most talented people working out of six global offices—none of them cowsheds.

Driven by

SocialFirst Principles

We combine a fundamental understanding of what inspires people to talk and share, with an obsession for the social technologies and platforms that power the conversations of now.

Word of Mouth

1000heads are amazingly creative and come up with outstanding social concepts that are truly conversational. They are one of the few agencies who truly understand our vision and strategy and how social can drive the goals of the business not just the vanity metrics.

Director Of Social Media, Gopro

I love working with 1000heads. They always listen to creator suggestions and help make a truly collaborative, authentic final product that makes audiences and brands happy. This is a gem in a sea of "brand-first" agencies & I feel lucky to work with them.

Trisha Hershberger, Influencer; 710K reach


Charles Mangino Head Of People & Talent
Ashwath Srivatsan Community Executive
Jenn Eakin Associate Creative Director
Adam Woodley Managing Director
Alice Zhou Senior Relationship Executive
One for us, 1❤️❤️❤️ for you
Fiona Harris Group Account Director
Danielle Decina Project Director
Putting our Heads together
Ileana Vathi Insights Manager
Allison Davis Senior Photographer
Conor Shillen Video Director
Cultured 🖼️
Deanna Sandmann Group Strategy Director
Michelle Rivas Community Manager
Jason Chandra Strategy Executive
Erica Ellis Account Director
Adrian Allicock Relationship Executive
Tashan Jackson Senior Designer
Michelle Blanco Account Executive
Kristin Hanne Producer
Julissa Hernandez HR Coordinator
Armoni Boone Junior Insights Analyst
Fraz Mahmood Junior Designer
Urvashi Ajmera Strategist
Kate Emelyanenko Senior Developer
Zhané Parker Senior Account Executive
Genrietta Avrutskaya Senior Insights Manager
Saheedat Abdul Relationship Director
Shorty with Shorties
Mike Davison CEO
Savannah Hobbs Communications Director
Tom Hall Senior Relationship Manager
Noah Waldman Junior Copywriter
Brooklyn Vp Of Poodle-Nalogy
Serious Ghost vibes 👻
Mark Guim Relationship Manager
Natiya Khomeriki Senior Strategist
Tatiana Ferla Account Manager
Jessica Schenker Account Manager
Maya Holley-Peretz Senior Strategist
Joeanna Valadez Senior Community Executive
Alex Bayer Account Manager
Candice Medenica Account Director
Ollie VP of Barketing, East
Jess Turner Community Director
Enjoying other creative pursuits
Mike Raysor Jr. Paid Media Director
Rafael Rautha Associate Community Director
Steph Fowler Account Manager
Shani Smotrich Account Director