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The week in social: Twitter polling, Selfielapse, and Sobo

by Nicole Gronland on 28 September 2014

Google drops mandatory Google+ accounts for new users

Google is no longer forcing new Gmail users to connect their account to a Google+ profile. Now when someone signs up for a Gmail account, Google has inserted a ‘no thanks’ button for those not wishing to take the plunge with Google+, although the search giant claims it remains committed to the Facebook rival. Could this be the beginning of the end for the three year old social network?


More information on Marketing Land.


Yammer co-founder creates “social soundboard” Sobo

Yammer co-founder, Alan Braverman, has launched a new iPhone and iPad app called Sobo. It’s been described as a Vine for audio and allows user to record six-second voice messages using the microphone on their device to send to friends and followers. Braverman said: “We started at six [seconds], and figured maybe we’d change it later. But then we just never did. There was never anything scientific behind it, to tell you the truth. We just said, ‘Let’s see what people can do with it.’”


Read more on The Drum.


YouTube to invest in its biggest stars to combat media rivals

Google has announced a plan to invest in YouTube’s biggest creators in order to get new show formats off-the-ground and in an effort to fend off competing media-platforms. YouTube claimed it will experiment with new video formats in the coming months to diversify its offering from the short-form formats many of its creators currently use to create content.

More information on YouTube Blog.


Facebook extends reach with new advertising platform

Facebook is nearing the launch of a new advertising platform for marketers to more effectively connect with their target audiences across multiple devices. Facebook’s new advertising platform is said to be an overhauled version of the Atlas Advertiser Suite, an ad-serving platform that was purchased from Microsoft last year. The new version will be renamed just ‘Atlas’ and is expected to be a great help for marketers when it comes to targeting and measuring the effectiveness of their online advertisements.

Read more on The Wall Street Journal.


Selfie-lapse takes over

Instagram released an update for its Hyperlase app this week allowing users to use the phone’s front facing camera to take time lapse videos. An Instagram spokesperson described the update: ‘Creating a #selfielapse is as simple as tapping an icon on the app’s home screen, which toggles between the front- and rear-facing cameras. As before, a Hyperlapse video can be shared directly to your Instagram or Facebook account, or simply saved to your smartphone’s camera roll to access later.’

More information Inside Facebook.


Ello – The advert free social network

“Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers.” This is how the creators of Ello described the up and coming social network that they hope will become a rival to Facebook. The company also states that it won’t sell data about you to third parties and calls the collecting and selling of your data, “creepy.” Ello is currently in beta testing and only available to people that have an invitation to join, you can request yours here on their website.


Read more on Mashable.


KitKat #Bendgate tweet breaks Oreo’s ‘Dunk in the Dark’ Superbowl ad Twitter record

A KitKat ad has generated over 20,000 retweets and over 9,000 favourites in just 48 hours. The ad was released amid the social media frenzy mocking a bending flaw in the new iPhone 6 dubbed #Bendgate and has become the most retweeted advert of all time on Twitter trumping previous record holder Oreo Dunk in the Dark which received 15,700 retweets and 6,500 favourites.


Read more on The Drum.


YouTube prankster hit with sexual harassment claim over ‘ass pinch’ sketch

YouTube favourite Sam Pepper has been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit after a victim failed to see the funny side of his ‘fake hand’ ass-pinch prank involving a prosthetic limb. The comedian outraged many of his 2.4m subscribers after approaching sex education activist Laci Green for his sketch, which elicited a slew of further allegations relating to Pepper’s off-screen behaviour. In response to the claims Collective Digital Studio has dropped Pepper from its multichannel network.

More information on Mashable.


Twitter working on native polling tool

Twitter is working on a new set of interactive Cards that would allow people to run polls natively across its social network. One key advantage this would offer is the ability for users to interact without being redirected away from Twitter, which would likely improve engagement rates with any polls.

Read more on The Next Web.


Hootsuite now valued at $1 billion

Hootsuite has raised $60 million in its latest round of venture capital funding, which now values the company upwards of $1 billion. Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes says that this latest funding round will likely be used for international expansion and possible acquisitions. Hootsuite are also working to bring Instagram and Snapchat into the dashboard, too.


Read more on Re/code.


You can now add items to your #AmazonWishList through Twitter

In a follow up to #AmazonCart (a hashtag-powered service that lets you put products into your Amazon shopping cart simply by replying to a tweet) Amazon are launching #AmazonWishList, a similar tool which lets you quickly add items to your Wish List.
Here’s how it works:

1. Connect your Twitter account to Amazon

2. Reply with #AmazonWishList to any tweet containing an Amazon product link (from anyone)

3. The item will be automatically added to your Amazon Wish List


Read more on Media Bistro.

Is Bebo really back from the social media grave?

by Hermione Wright on 24 September 2014

Remember Bebo? Back in the olden days of social media, Bebo was huge – we’re talking 2005 to 2008, when people actually used to eat dinner before immediately uploading a pic onto Instagram. In fact, the social network rapidly grew to more than 40million members.…


The week in social: Bebo, Facebook Media, and Moments

by Nicole Gronland on 21 September 2014

YouTube stars heading to Facebook?

Facebook is looking to take on YouTube as a distribution network for online video, and has reportedly been courting some of YouTube’s top contributors and testing uploads of some of their shows directly to Facebook. Facebook is reported to have hired staff in Los Angeles to engage the YouTube stars, and are also reported to be working on new advertising units to compete with the revenues they would receive from YouTube.…


Dubai is the new frontier for word of mouth

by Matthew Rowe on 19 September 2014

You’ve probably heard about Joseph O’Neill’s ‘The Dog’, “a tale of alienation and heartbreak in Dubai”, that was long-listed for this year’s Booker Prize.

You’re less likely to have heard (unless you read my last post) about my recent move to Dubai to open 1000heads’ MEA HQ.…


Inspiration: Top 5 bold exchanges from the latest APG Noisy Thinking

by Roberto Estreitinho on 18 September 2014

Last Tuesday I attended my very first APG Noisy Thinking event, hosted at the Google HQ here in London. As the world moves in an increasingly fast pace, the event was all around sustainable brand building, and to share some thoughts around that the APG invited Mark Given (Head of Brand at Sainsbury’s), Alex Dunsdon (Investment Director at Saatchi Invest and founder of The Bakery) and David Wilding (Head of Planning at Twitter UK).…


Very short trend report: Messaging apps

by Roberto Estreitinho on 17 September 2014

Over on 1000heads Slideshare we’re creating a new series of bite-size reports that will give you an easily digestible overview of the latest social media trends and tools.

First up is messaging apps and if you’ve ever asked – What’s the fuss about Snapchat?…


Mobile has been heralded as the next big thing in marketing for, oh, something like the last five years. And where are we now? Just past the front gate, really.

Is 2014 really the year of mobile? Unlikely, but maybe next year…or the year after.…


Facebook experiments with disappearing posts

Facebook has begun testing a new feature for its iPhone app that lets users schedule posts for deletion after a certain interval of time – anything from one hour to seven days. The feature is currently being piloted and it only available to a very small number of users.…


Is augmented reality finally fulfilling its promise?

by Emily Todd on 12 September 2014

QR codes are dead – and stepping over their lifeless digital corpses come augmented reality apps.

No more awkward scanning (and scanning again) until a “secret” link or code (which you will probably never use) is clumsily spat out; by the time you’d actually successfully scanned a QR code, the novelty had worn off, and the “I could’ve got this in my email more easily (and less awkwardly)” realization had set in.…