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The week in social: Ello, Twitter stock and Reddit Notes

by Kevin Barnes on 28 December 2014

Leaked emails show that Mark Zuckerberg wanted to stop the Facebook movie

After the email account of Sony Picture CEO Michael Lynton and other key Sony Entertainment executives was leaked, information about business deals, mergers, and other confidential information became available to the public. One of these had to do with Mark Zuckerberg, and his alleged attempt to shut down the production of “The Social Network”, the movie that documents the early years of Facebook. Lynton emailed an executive at Warner Brothers in May of 2014, saying, “I said to Zuckerberg when he tried to stop The Social Network, ’No one wants their sophomore year in college examined or portrayed.”. In a recent Question and Answer session, Zuckerberg claimed that many of the details of the movie are inaccurate, at that his goal for Facebook was more than to build a company, but to help connect the world.

Read more on AllFacebook.


Sony to potentially sue Twitter over leaked email content in tweets

The general legal counsel for Sony Pictures has sent a letter to counsel for Twitter, requiring that the micro-blogging company suspend accounts that post tweets with information pertaining to leaked emails from Sony Entertainment, an information flow the former company has been seeking to stop for several weeks. Sony has taken issue with specific accounts, namely @bikinirobotarmy, which has been been posting screenshots of aforementioned leaked emails. It remains to be soon if Twitter will comply and block the related accounts, but it has done so in the past at the request of certain companies and government organizations.

More information on CNet.


More consumers use social media to help with Holiday shopping

Year over year, social media has become a source of activities that would typically take place offline, and on other mediums online, specifically searching for and discovering items for holiday gift purchase. Holiday gift discovery on social media has increased by 17% year over year according to an infographic from Crowdtap. In addition, the largest influence on social media was friends and family of users, taking 68% of the influence category when it came to making decisions. Mobile device usage while doing the actual shopping has also increased as a method of consumers doing on-the-fly research about potential purchases, where 67% of shoppers are viewing social sites on mobile to help with decision making, and 50% of that group doing price comparisons on their devices in-store.


Read more on Social Times.


Reddit to give back to users through random draw lottery

Reddit earlier this week announced that it will be giving away one tenth of its total company share value to random users using a lottery system as a way of giving back to the community that provides its content. In September, the company raised $50 million in funding, and made the initial announcement that it would determine a way to pay back its community for content curation. In Fall of 2015 the program will start, and the random users will be given “Reddit Notes” that can be used on an exchange to be defined.

More information on TIME Magazine.


Facebook updates Messenger, and creates app specifically for adding stickers to photos

Adding stickers into comments on Facebook is a move that was recently done to accommodate users who were used to adding images and emoji into messaging app comments, and Facebook has not just stopped there. New features just announced for the Messenger app by Peter Martinazzi, Facebook Director of Product Management, include Holiday frames for selfies, snow globe chat heads, Holiday themed stickers, and more. In addition, an add-on to the Messenger app from the Facebook Creative Labs, Stickered for Messenger, lets users add stickers on top of photos and then send to friends in Messenger.


Read more on AllFacebook.


Elsa from Frozen the top talked about toy for Christmas

In an infographic created by MediaMiser, the top toys being talked about on Twitter were analyzed by hashtag mentions, with the Elsa Glow doll based on the movie frozen taking the top spot, with 39% of all mentions analyzed. Other popular toys for the season included Skylanders, Zoomer Dino and Leapfrog TV, an interactive gaming console for young children. The infographic went on to cover a small amount of the conversation surrounding the Elsa doll with users panicking that they may not be able to find it in time for Christmas, and some complaining that other consumers bought the doll in high quantities to only sell it online later on EBay.


Read more on Media Bistro.


TVTag to be shut down in January 2015

TVTag, formally known as GetGlue, will be shutting down its services starting January 1st, 2015, according to an email to all users from the company. Facing dwindling active usage numbers, and an overall decline in the usage of check-in apps, GetGlue is being forced to shut down because users have simply not be interested in “checking in” to television shows, also potentially having to do with much programming being available on-demand. Television check-in apps have sought to become the dominant second screen experience but have not taken off in recent years, and one of the only major remaining players in the space is Viggle, which offers users real rewards for checking into shows.

More information on Lost Remote.


One of Facebook’s oldest users passes away

Anna Stoehr, a woman who become popular for writing a letter to Facebook, taking issue with its age limit (she was 114), died this past Sunday. Stoehr, lived alone on a farm, and was having trouble creating a Facebook account because birthdays for the social network only go back to 1905. The social network sent her a bouquet of 114 flowers as an apology, but users still cannot enter a birth date earlier than 1905 and Stoehr had lied about her age to be able to make an account.

Read more on NPR.


Social Ad Revenue to reach $15 billion by 2018

In an inforgraphic created by Invesp, it is estimated that social ad revenue will rise to $15 billion in 2018, which is a $5.1 billion increase over last year. As a year over year trend, this would equal approximately 24% growth per year. As a sub-segment of this, mobile social ad revenue is projected to increase from $1.5 billion in 2013 to $7.6 billion in 2018, for a 38.3% rate of growth per year. Overall, revenue from social ads is trending to a 194% total increase over the next four years.


Read more on Invesp.com.


Twitter stock increases amid rumors

This past Tuesday, stock for Twitter by nearly four percent on the heels of a rumor that CEO Dick Costolo would potentially be resigning. Sun Trust analyst Robert Peck said in a recent interview with CNBC that the future of Twitter’s top executive was in question, and that there would be a good chance that he would no longer be in charge within a year. Costolo has had a tough year impressing investors after his family trust sold all of their Twitter stock, and the rumor news increasing the value of the stock is likely perceived as a bad sign overall.

More information on Media Bistro.


Ello announces new features and a planned update for 2015

Ello has announced a number of new features related to adding comments on posts within the network. Users are now able to reply to comments, cancel comments that are considered rude or inappropriate, and images can also be embedded, similar to what Facebook started recently offering. For 2015, mobile apps are being built and the desktop app will be receiving a complete redesign. Additional features that will be added in 2015 include improved search, audio integration through Soundcloud, private accounts, and more.

Read more on Social Times.

Netflix app updated to include social sharing

The Netflix app on Android devices has been updated to include social sharing features, and is now compatible with Android Wear as well. The social sharing features make it more seamless to offer recommendations of a movie or TV show with friends on Facebook, and all of the sharing is done privately.…


Stay aHead: Plague

by Roberto Estreitinho on 19 December 2014

Sure, everyone nowadays wants their product or brand to ‘go viral’. But would you say you want to plague a set of users or consumers with your message? Because that’s exactly what a new app – Plague – aims to help you do.…


This is an exciting time for word of mouth marketing in Dubai as the UAE government slowly but surely makes the transition to the digital world and encourages the country’s residents to do the same.

Last month, Dubai Silicon Oasis witnessed a conference discussing the future of the community and announcing new technologies – including the plan for Dubai’s beaches and parks to be WIFI enabled and open to anyone.…


Google updates Hangouts with new features

Earlier this week, Google updated its Hangouts app for Android mobile devices with several new features, including letting users see when a contact was “last seen” on the network, letting users share their location, and new sticker sets for messages.…


The week in social: Fresco, Slingshot, and Toyota

by Kevin Barnes on 08 December 2014

Fresco seeks to be the Instagram of news

A new application, founded by John Meyer, seeks to be the Instagram of news, discovering stories by flipping through cover photos. Each photo on the mobile application features a caption and then a link to more information on the story.…


Trends: The rise of the selfie

by Deanna Sandmann on 06 December 2014

You’ve seen them just about everywhere, they’re taking over your Facebook Newsfeed, your Instagram feed and running rampant on SnapChat. Taking selfies is no longer just a trend or a fad, it’s the self portrait re-imagined for the age of social communications.…


The week in social: Ferguson, Hiero, and Yik Yak

by Kevin Barnes on 30 November 2014

Snapchat debuts new ad format with Samsung during AMAs

During the American Music Awards this past Sunday, Snapchat debuted its newest ad product only one month after launching its first sponsored post. Its partner for the new ad, a streaming sponsored story, is Samsung, doing an “Our Story” stream.…