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The week in social: Bebo, Facebook Media, and Moments

by Nicole Gronland on 21 September 2014

YouTube stars heading to Facebook?

Facebook is looking to take on YouTube as a distribution network for online video, and has reportedly been courting some of YouTube’s top contributors and testing uploads of some of their shows directly to Facebook. Facebook is reported to have hired staff in Los Angeles to engage the YouTube stars, and are also reported to be working on new advertising units to compete with the revenues they would receive from YouTube.

More information on The Wall Street Journal.


Bebo set to make a comeback

Bebo look set to make a comeback after launching a re-brand teaser video on YouTube to showcase the service as a colorful mobile app – rather than the social network it once was. The video called ‘#Bebo – Probably not for boring people’ demonstrates how users will be able to create cartoon avatars which can be personalized to give their messages a creative flair. Additionally, the site’s whiteboard feature will make a return, with users able to send drawings to each other. However, the video has mysteriously been set to private over the last few days and is no longer available to view.


Read more on The Drum.


Facebook launches Facebook Media

Facebook has launched a new service called Facebook Media which aims to assist media companies and publishers in using its platform. The new site is geared specifically toward public figures, organizations and media companies in a similar way that Facebook for Business was set up to help advertisers. People can comb through success stories and learn how to best use products such as Facebook Mentions or videos.


Read more on Facebook Newsroom.


Facebook building new stand-alone app Moments

Facebook is building a new standalone app codenamed “Moments” that lets you share with smaller groups of people. The app reportedly lets you tap on a group of friends you’ve created to share with them. This is easier than creating Lists and is also easier than tapping the names of your family members in an ordinary Facebook post. Moments would share directly back to Facebook, but when the people you’ve shared with see a Moment in their feed, it would be called out rather than get lost in the sea of general posts. The new app is said to most resemble Cluster (pictured below), a social networking app that lets you create “spaces” for each of your family and friend groups, and then share photos or texts with them.


Read more on TechCrunch.


Topshop create social catwalk at LFW

TopShop created a new ‘Instagram/Facebook’ powered Social Catwalk especially for London Fashion Week which allowed people from around the world to be part of the event live. The Social Catwalk debuted the latest looks exclusively on Facebook, while 5 VIP Instagramers gave unique views to the world, and invited fans to feature in their #topshopwindow … All while the new range was live streamed online with ‘Click to Buy’ linked to each outfit.


More information, check out this video.


UK social media spending to increase by 50%

The UK’s social media ad spend will rise by half this year, growing to approximately 10.5% of the UK’s overall digital ad funding, according to an industry report from eMarketer. The study projected that ad spending on social networks will rise by half in the next year and that by 2016, the social networks will account for around 15% of the nation’s digital ad investment. Facebook is predicted to dominate the market and is expected to capture 75% of the total social media ad spend.

Read more on The Drum.


Facebook updates application for iOS 8

Apple’s newly launched iOS8 comes with an update to the location services settings meaning Facebook has had to change its settings too. Before, there were only two choices for the kind of permission you could give an app: on or off. Now, there are three choices: always, while using the app, or never. Facebook have been quick to reassure users that they will not be tracking any new data with the change and that users that have previously turned on location settings will be automatically set to ‘always’ but with the option to change.

More information on Facebook Newsroom.


Time spent in social media apps rises by 40%

New data from Localytics has revealed that time spent in social networking apps has risen by 49 percent year-on-year, largely due to very strong “snacking” like behavior. Overall, people are spending about 21 percent more time in apps this year than in 2013, with music apps seeing the biggest increase – up 79 percent. Health and fitness apps were up 51 percent, with social media apps third.


More information on AllTwitter.


Instagram has revealed that they’re set to start rolling out sponsored Instagram posts in the UK imminently. The ads were announced last year, and have already rolled out in the US. Adverts on Instagram will have a “Sponsored” label where the time stamp normally would be, with users able to click on the ‘…’ button on the bottom right to hide the ad. However, the ads will not be available to all advertisers just yet with only a ‘few businesses that are already great on Instagram’ being invited to take part. “Our aim is to make any advertisements people see as natural to Instagram as the photos and videos they enjoy from brands who are already using Instagram,” spokesman Will Guyatt told the BBC.


More information on BBC.


YouTube introduces real-time analytics

YouTube has announced a major upgrade to its analytics dashboard that will provide video publishers with a minute-by-minute look at how people are watching their videos. YouTube publishers have been asking for more immediate data as previously it was very hard to determine the number of people watching in the early hours after publishing. The new dashboard shows estimated real-time viewership data for a content owner or channel’s last five published videos in two charts, minute-by-minute for the last 60 minutes and hour-by-hour for a sliding window of the last 48 hours.

Read more on The Next Web.


Twitter updates profile design for iOS

Twitter has rolled out a new profile interface for iOS users. The biggest change? They no longer hide everyone’s bio line behind a swipe. Your profile will now lead with your background image, your avatar photo, and your bio. Beneath that are three buttons: one that shows your tweets; one that shows the photos you’ve shared; and one that shows everything you’ve favorited.


More information on Twitter Blog.


Facebook updates news feed algorithm

Facebook has announced two new changes to its News Feed algorithm that will take into account how timely a post from a friend or a Page is when deciding whether to show it. News Feed will now track the latest trends and display posts related to those topics more quickly. Facebook will also take into account how likes and shares of a post trail off when deciding whether to include in your News Feed. Rather than just counting the total number of likes a post has received, the algorithm will take note whether the likes happened in the first few hours after the post went up. If engagement has died down, Facebook will take it as a sign that the post is now less relevant. Facebook is rolling out the changes gradually. The company informed Page owners that it doesn’t expect “significant changes in distribution.” However, some publishers will find that time-sensitive posts will have greater reach earlier on in the lifecycle and reduced distribution later on.


More information on Facebook Newsroom.

Dubai is the new frontier for word of mouth

by Matthew Rowe on 19 September 2014

You’ve probably heard about Joseph O’Neill’s ‘The Dog’, “a tale of alienation and heartbreak in Dubai”, that was long-listed for this year’s Booker Prize.

You’re less likely to have heard (unless you read my last post) about my recent move to Dubai to open 1000heads’ MEA HQ.…


Inspiration: Top 5 bold exchanges from the latest APG Noisy Thinking

by Roberto Estreitinho on 18 September 2014

Last Tuesday I attended my very first APG Noisy Thinking event, hosted at the Google HQ here in London. As the world moves in an increasingly fast pace, the event was all around sustainable brand building, and to share some thoughts around that the APG invited Mark Given (Head of Brand at Sainsbury’s), Alex Dunsdon (Investment Director at Saatchi Invest and founder of The Bakery) and David Wilding (Head of Planning at Twitter UK).…


Very short trend report: Messaging apps

by Roberto Estreitinho on 17 September 2014

Over on 1000heads Slideshare we’re creating a new series of bite-size reports that will give you an easily digestible overview of the latest social media trends and tools.

First up is messaging apps and if you’ve ever asked – What’s the fuss about Snapchat?…


Mobile has been heralded as the next big thing in marketing for, oh, something like the last five years. And where are we now? Just past the front gate, really.

Is 2014 really the year of mobile? Unlikely, but maybe next year…or the year after.…


Facebook experiments with disappearing posts

Facebook has begun testing a new feature for its iPhone app that lets users schedule posts for deletion after a certain interval of time – anything from one hour to seven days. The feature is currently being piloted and it only available to a very small number of users.…


Is augmented reality finally fulfilling its promise?

by Emily Todd on 12 September 2014

QR codes are dead – and stepping over their lifeless digital corpses come augmented reality apps.

No more awkward scanning (and scanning again) until a “secret” link or code (which you will probably never use) is clumsily spat out; by the time you’d actually successfully scanned a QR code, the novelty had worn off, and the “I could’ve got this in my email more easily (and less awkwardly)” realization had set in.…


Global spotlight | Social media in the Middle East

by Abeer Mansour on 11 September 2014

Social media in the Middle East has truly come of age. Working throughout the region over the years for clients such as Microsoft, and having recently opened our office in Dubai, we’ve seen the early tweet-led upheaval of the Arab Spring develop into a passionate legacy for the potential of social channels.…


Stay aHead: Ringly and FlikNote

by Annabel Sampson on 09 September 2014

September is here, a time that signifies the dreaded return to school for the under 18s. Traditionally, back to school involved a trip to WHSmith to fuel another year at the grind stone. However, technology is now revolutionising ‘back to school’ as we know it, and a bank of tips, tricks and tools have emerged to aid learning and maximise productivity whilst ensnared within school’s four walls.…


Reddit creates stand-alone AMA app

The popular social news curating site Reddit has created a stand-alone application for its “Ask Me Anything” format of question and answer forums. The app is simply called “Ask Me Anything” and it retains all of the standard features of an AMA on the web, but the presentation has been changed for ease of browsing.…