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With the holidays quickly approaching it can become hard to keep on top of things, both at work and in your personal lives. The winds of winter appear to make time move a little faster than usual, but you will always be in good stead so long as you’re organised.

So, without further ado, here are two apps that will help you stay ahead this festive season:



A great place to begin is with ‘Wunderlist’, whose ethos is to ‘help you accomplish more’.

As a user you can create a plethora of lists for just about anything from Christmas gift ideas to a checklist when planning a video shoot. Of course one of the most important factors of staying organised is the ability to capture a thought or idea at any time. Thankfully the lists are quick and simple to curate, lending themselves to the hectic pace of agency life.


Wunderlist copy

However, the most important factor is that all important ‘share’ button. Once a list is curated you can share your list with whomever you want, so long as you have a phone number or email address. If you’re working in a team this is great as it means you can synchronize everything you have been collaborating on, along with delegating tasks.

The phone and desktop apps are synced, meaning that work teams or couples don’t need to be in the same place to view or alter the lists or documents. From personal experience this is a great feature if you are covering an event, one being on location and the other live tweeting from a base, without having to call or have other apps open for messaging. The photo list capabilities are also great if you are scouting for locations, prizes or looking for inspiration.

Lists are also shareable to the public – a function that could work really well for retailers around the festive season for gifts, recipes and Christmas events.

More at: www.wunderlist.com/



Like Wunderlist, Evernote allows you to share notes with co-workers and your family, attaching voice memos, photos and spreadsheets along the way. Checklists acts as virtual to-dos that you can sync to your desktop, and it even has optical character recognition technology. That means you can scan real paper of notes or documents into it and search them later!

The best feature though is again through that significant ‘share’ button. Evernote offers a little more than Wunderlist allowing you to share your notes to social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and that is huge.


This functionality means that you can share lists of items with hundreds and thousands of brand followers employing Evernote as the foundation for great content sharing. Bloggers and journalists alike can all take full advantage of this capability. Of course this is good for your private life too. A quick note is far less interrupting than a text and far more private than email, especially when collating those sparkling Christmas gift ideas.

Using this function with your co-workers means you can bounce ideas off one another and curate concepts together. There’s no way to miss a beat as you have a fully functional app that is across all platforms, reminders, communication with others, and all content can be either private or shared.

More at: www.evernote.com


Twitter Buy button being used for Holiday promotions

As the holidays approach, Twitter has partnered with AMC Theaters to promote its “Buy” button. AMC started offering a $30 gift card on its Twitter page this past Thursday. Theater goers interested in the gift card can click the “buy” button and will be sent to a landing site to enter their credit card information.…


Stay aHead: Have yourself a very social Christmas

by Annabel Sampson on 18 November 2014

Christmas is barely a month away and a wave of hotly-anticipated ads have emerged to ensure brands are foremost in the minds of consumers (and on the tips of their tongues) in this most lucrative end-of-year financial segment.

Unsurprisingly, 2014 is tipped to be our most social Christmas to date.…


Stunning images turn astronauts into social media stars

166 days in orbit were enough to turn US astronaut Reid Wiseman, Germany’s Alexander Gerst, and Russian commander Maxim Suraev into must follow users in social media. During their five months aboard International Space Station the astronauts were in constant touch with a global online audience, sharing beautiful pictures of the Milky Way, images documenting pollution and environmental devastation around the world and a Vine time-lapse of sunset seen from the space.…


What have our design team been up to recently?


RS Components – European Health and Safety Week

RS Components are a great brand to work with, as they are taking their first steps in the world of social media. It has been a really collaborative process and RS have been open to a number of different ideas, styles and executions.…


One of the most fascinating ways that social media has impacted on our lives is the shift in the way we consume information. What was originally a proactive search for the content we wanted (e.g. getting the paper or going to our favourite websites to read the headlines) has turned into a reactive consumption of content we subscribe to or that our friends would recommend.…


Twitter no longer a top destination for Holiday shoppers

During the last Holiday season, Twitter released a report stating that it was a top destination for discovery around Holiday shopping. For this year, a new report from PunchTab has shown that US shoppers are not particular about using any social network to aid their shopping, and Twitter came in fourth on a list of six out of sources they would be likely to use.…


Report from NYC: Should brands pay bloggers?

by Tom Hall on 07 November 2014

Should bloggers be automatically paid for their contributions to brand campaigns?

Traditionally, the default position for agencies and brands was that the people enlisted to help spread the word about a company’s latest and greatest (at least for this week) offering should be grateful for the ‘exposure’  – but in recent times, the blogging sands seem to have shifted.…