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Time to Play

The challenge

Salomon briefed 1000heads to globally launch their new brand positioning ‘Time To Play’ through a digital campaign that focused on Facebook and started with a pre-made brand film.


Years of managing Salomon’s social channels had taught us that their fans absolutely loved to interact with each other and the brand by constantly sharing their UGC from the mountain. This spirit of interaction was validated by Salomon’s engagement rate which was over 80% higher than their key competitors.


This insight directed our launch idea… The Salomon ‘Time To Play Remix’. Our vision was to re-create the brand film using thousands of pieces of UGC from the community.


To drive awareness, we adapted the one-minute long brand film and produced multiple 6-second social edits, each focused on a different sport. We also made each edit vertical for a more immersive mobile experience. We then built a highly targeted paid plan using lookalike modelling from fan, CRM and website data.

The next step was to direct people to the ‘Time to Play Remix’ hub, where visitors could select a single scene from the brand film and replace it with a piece of their own UGC. In return, each user received a unique ‘Remix Trailer’ featuring their name and content.

To push the campaign reach even further, we used Facebook canvas to amplify real stories from the UGC as they were shared.

Then, for the final unveiling, we published Salomon’s ‘Time To Play Remix’. The original brand film re-imagined by thousands of people who were inspired to share their UGC and passion for the Salomon brand.


The campaign reached over 56 million people. We saw an 18-point uplift in Facebook Ad recall in the UK and an incredible 20-point uplift in the US.

The Time to Play Remix delivered one of the first, full-scale, global uses of vertical video and was an early adopter of the Facebook canvas format. This caught the attention of Facebook who decided to support the campaign on their platform to inform their product testing.

The new ‘Time to Play’ positioning was successfully landed, kick starting a fresh chapter in the Salomon brand story.

uplift in brand recall in the US
people reached
video views

Your fit for feed, early adoption of vertical video caught the attention of our creative shop and also our product teams

Johnas Liljegren: Facebook