Bing trends

The challenge

Bing’s end of year search trends report features the top 10 searches of the year in various categories of popular culture.

The Bing team needed a social content strategy to get people talking about Bing Trends and drive social traffic to their digital hub where all the year’s top trends were revealed.


Using stills and short form animation teasers, we told the stories of some of the year’s most searched for memes and themes. We teased specific entries from different lists on the Bing Trends platform via content cut for specifically for Vine, Instagram and Facebook that drove to platform for the big reveal.

On Facebook we also ran in-comment trivia contests awarding fans who correctly guessed the meme depicted in the post with Microsoft Surface Pro laptops.


The posts inspired 3.6 million likes, shares and comments on Facebook alone (representing a 1,299% increase in post performance on Bing’s channel) with over 250,000 people driven to the website after engaging with the content.

likes, shares & comments
increase in engagement