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Our story

It all began in a converted cowshed in 2000. Why are we called 1000heads? It’s a tale involving fountains, convention centres, and misheard phone conversations (ask us about it sometime), but it also represents community, conversation, and sharing, which are at the heart of everything we do.

Since those early days, we’ve continued to grow, and while we don’t quite have 1000 heads of our own (yet) we’ve got 180 of the most talented people working out of six global offices—none of them cowsheds.

Driven by

SocialFirst Principles

We combine a fundamental understanding of what inspires people to talk and share, with an obsession for the social technologies and platforms that power the conversations of now.

Word of Mouth

1000heads helped us in some fundamental ways during lockdown. They helped us pivot on our social content and in fact we significantly increased our engagement during the lockdown and tapped into strategies that have continued to drive engagement post lockdown and beyond.

SVP Global Marketing, Wella

1000heads has proven itself to be instrumental for the launch of Gordon’s’ global social vision and strategy. The agency’s social first approach helped us uncover powerful insights which resonated strongly with consumers across all of our market stages. This thinking shaped our strategy and facilitated the creation of engaging content which has since then fostered the incredible growth that Gordon’s has been experiencing globally.

Global Head Of Gordon’s, Diageo

Their level of strategic thinking is very high, and their ability to adapt to the customer's needs is second to none. They were able to simplify our complex business model with very strong data-led insights.

VP Global Digital Marketing & Innovation, Wella

For a company like Salomon, lockdown was our worst nightmare. We had to delete our social plan and start from scratch. At this point of the crisis, our relationship with 1000heads was invaluable. We quickly created a new content plan and adapted our tone of voice to the reality of our community. 1000heads never let us down.

Global Head Of Social Media, Salomon

1000heads strong grasp of social and earned media data enabled the company to become a key partner in Europe for insight, data and analytics. The team go beyond obvious, off-the-shelf solutions, to develop custom metrics and methodologies designed with our brands’ distinct goals and needs in mind.

Head Of Culture & Entertainment, Diageo EU

It’s always a pleasure to work with people with passion and dedication to clients and their problems. Throughout my 10 years of experience with 1000heads, I only have positive things to say, world class and performance driven. Can you ask for more really?

Digital Marketing Manager, Salomon


Matthew Wheatley​ Insights Manager
Klara Naimanova​ Project Director​
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Holly Matchett​ Senior Insight Analyst​
Simon Berry Senior Account Director
Samantha Miller​ Senior Project Manager​
Rosie Dickens​ Senior Insight Director ​
Michelle McGill Account Director
Cleanthis Georghiou​ Insight Analyst
Joel Diamond Client Strategy Director
Frank Grindrod Managing Director
Daniel Murdolo Full Stack Developer​
1000heads. 2000arms.
Leah Kendall​ Senior Community Director ​
Beatrice Mustocea​ Senior Relationships Executive​
Laura Ashwell​ Group Account Director​
Sophie Tari Senior Designer
Ben Fenton​ Client Strategy Director​
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Ian Mann​ Design & Production Director​
Holiday spirit
Allen Hull New Partnerships Director​
Oscar Briscall-Harvey Design Intern
Amber Roberts Senior Social Executive​
Ellie Brindle​ Mid-Weight Designer​
Matt Burns Senior Designer
Francesca Lamacchi​ Senior Account Manager​
Yassen Soussi HR Director
Philippa Edmonds​ Senior Insight Manager ​