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Our story

It all began in a converted cowshed in 2000. Why are we called 1000heads? It’s a tale involving fountains, convention centres, and misheard phone conversations (ask us about it sometime), but it also represents community, conversation, and sharing, which are at the heart of everything we do.

Since those early days, we’ve continued to grow, and while we don’t quite have 1000 heads of our own (yet) we’ve got 180 of the most talented people working out of six global offices—none of them cowsheds.

Driven by

SocialFirst Principles

We combine a fundamental understanding of what inspires people to talk and share with an obsession for the social technologies and platform that power the conversations of now.

Word of Mouth

It’s always a pleasure to work with people with passion and dedication to clients and their problems. Throughout my 10 years of experience with 1000heads, I only have positive things to say, world class and performance driven. Can you ask for more really?

Digital Marketing Manager, Salomon

1000heads has proven itself to be instrumental for the launch of Gordon’s’ global social vision and strategy. The agency’s social first approach helped us uncover powerful insights which resonated strongly with consumers across all of our market stages. This thinking shaped our strategy and facilitated the creation of engaging content which has since then fostered the incredible growth that Gordon’s has been experiencing globally.

Global Head Of Gordon’s, Diageo


All smiles 😏
Hitting the slopes
1000heads, just as many hats
Not lost, just vibin'
Sun’s out, fun’s out
Work views, nbd 😎
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