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1000heads Community Predicts: 2024

Busy social media pros are awash in the newest trends online. But knowing which have staying power and which are a passing fad takes a crystal ball…or does it?

Our global Community Management teams are deep in social every day across some of the world’s best brands’ accounts. This gives them a sort of special ability to see into the future. And they’ve put their gifts to work for you so you don’t need a crystal ball to set your 2024 social strategy, you just need this document!

The predictions cover 3 main sections across the biggest themes in social: platforms, behavioral and cultural.

We’ve compiled 27 keyed-in predictions, so you can ditch the other trends documents and use this as your Holy Grail. As a bonus, we included a brainstorming activity that you can use with your teams to tap into their clairvoyance for the new year.

Here are some of our most prescient predictions in each category to get your gears turning:




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