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Google Pixel Becomes Dog’s Best Friend In A New Campaign That Aims To Increase Adoption Rates Of Rescue Dogs

Google is putting Pixel’s AI-powered camera in the hands of animal shelters across America in the hope of increasing adoption rates with the help of perfect pup pics

Google Pixel is working to address the rescue shelter crisis by putting the power of the Pixel camera in the hands of shelter owners across America. During pandemic shut-downs, 23 million Americans adopted pets. Now, with inflation rising and offices re-opening, animal shelters are once again overwhelmed with dogs looking for their forever homes. 

Research has shown that a dog with great quality photos is adopted within 14 days on average, compared to 43 days for a poor photo. Using this insight, Google Pixel created Pixel Pawtraits Kits, which put the power of the Pixel 8 Pro and its AI-enabled camera in the hands of rescue shelters to snap perfect pictures of their most adoptable pups.

“We are a company of dog lovers at Google,” said Leanne Johnson, Head of Global Social and Influencer Marketing at Google. “When we learned of the impact a quality photo can make, we knew the Pixel — with its best-in-class camera and features fit for energetic pups and shelter environments — would be able to have real impact on this issue.”

The Pixel Pawtraits Kits, which include a Pixel 8 Pro, photography equipment, and a portrait guide, were seeded to eight no kill shelters nationwide in states with the highest rates of dogs in need of adoption. The goal of the campaign is to empower at least one shelter in all 50 states to use the Pawtraits Kit to take cover photo-worthy shots of the dogs who are most in need of adoption and share the photos across their social media, as well as Google Pixel’s social channels, to find forever homes for the furry companions. 

“I was personally inspired by the creative simplicity and impact of this idea. By providing shelter employees with a camera equipped with AI capabilities, we’re not only expanding their potential but also saving lives. It’s innovation with heart, empowering people to capture the personalities of dogs and enhance their chances of finding loving homes. It’s a reminder that technology can be our best friend when it comes to helping our true best friends out there.” said Moa Netto, Head of Creative for 1000heads, the Social Transformation company that developed the campaign in partnership with Google.

The campaign launched last week and has already received applications from over 70 shelters across 29 states that are hoping to get a Pixel Pawtraits Kit. Google Pixel is also using its social power to feature weekly shelter spotlights from partners around the country who are participating in the Pawtraits program, starting with The Animal Pad in San Diego. Shelters who would like to participate can apply to receive a kit of their own and get featured on Google Pixel’s social media channels.

“A lot of people that work at shelters or volunteer with organizations like ours are not professional photographers, do not have professional equipment by any means, and maybe don’t even have a solid place to take a photo,” said Lauren Botticelli, Executive Director of The Animal Pad. 

“Because I run our social media page, I have noticed time and time again that one of the key things to getting a pet adopted is good quality photos… When the personality of a dog can come through in a photo and somebody can really connect to them, that’s what gets their foot in the door for rescue. And that can be the game changer for everything.”