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Week In Social: Crypto Networking, Snapchat Music, and LinkedIn Ads

Cyrpto Networking

A new crypto platform has arrived and is set to transform the way you do business in the cryptocurrency market. Taklimakan the innovative crypto platform was created by trading and IT development leading professionals, it’s a one-stop solution for all levels of cryptocurrency users, ranging from beginners all the way up to experts. If you’ve been keeping your eye on the cryptocurrency market but weren’t sure how or when to enter now is your chance! The simplicity, usability, modern design and user-friendly functionality make the platform an indispensable tool for exploring the cryptocurrency industry, investing and building your own business of any category. With already 8,000+ users and the social networking function you’ll be able to find any information you need from other users, no matter what language you speak or what country you live in.


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‘Master in the art of Twitter’

On Friday Twitter released a request for applicants for the company’s newest position, ‘Tweeter in Chief’. They describe the role as one where you’ll “set the tone of who we are and how we act, and talk to people on Twitter,” using the handle @Twitter. The ask is for someone that is “extremely plugged into Twitter culture, stan culture, and culture in general,” as well as someone “obsessed with building communities and how content travels on the platform.” Have anyone in mind? Perhaps tweeting your resume to @Twitter would be the best starting point. It appears Twitter is looking both for someone to have some more fun with its official handle, which is usually mired in yawn-inducing product update minutiae and be capable of communicating changes to the product in a way that resonates with users.


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Snapchat looking to get in on music scene

After the success both Instagram and TikTok have seen with the ability to add music to online creations, without the threat of post removal Snapchat wants in and rightfully so. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, talks have “intensified in recent weeks” between Snap and the three major record labels: Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. Currently, Snapchat’s music integration capabilities are limited to the “Lip Sync Challenge” that was introduced last December. Such a deal would not only enhance the user experience for Snapchat users but would be “a step toward keeping the app afloat among a competitive market. While the deal is not yet signed, it shows promise for the app.


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Facebook announces development of voice controls

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed Thursday that the company is working on a variety of products that will utilize voice controls. “I imagine there are going to be more products that we build where voice is going to be an important interface over the coming years,” Zuckerberg said. “We’re working on a lot of different things around this.” With the Facebook app already on billions of phones Facebook voice assist could be a loud disruption in the on-going voice battle between major tech firms. “You can look at where the product road map is likely to go on this and see why this would be a very useful and an important way where people are going to want to interact with more technology that way,” Zuckerberg said. It will be interesting to see the response once this is launched, although no release date has been announced as of yet.


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LinkedIn Brings Clarity to Ads

LinkedIn has acquired artificial intelligence startup Drawbridge to help its ad customers with targeting and better understanding their audiences. “As we integrate Drawbridge’s technology into LinkedIn following the closing of the transaction, we will continue to maintain the strong controls our members and customers have over the data they choose to share with us,” explained the author of the blog post, Tomer Cohen, the vice president of product at LinkedIn. The business networking platform announced the acquisition in a blog post, adding that integrating Drawbridge into its Marketing Solutions platform will help its customers measure the ROI of their campaigns across platforms. As social media exes we know the importance of simplifying ever complicated ad management.


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