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The week in social: YouTube Stories, Live Captions, and your "Year in Review" courtesy of every single social media channel

YouTube launches Stories feature for Creators

YouTube is the latest social media channel to launch a Stories feature; now, every major social media channel has a Stories feature. The feature is available to YouTube creators with 10K+ subscribers. Just like with standard YouTube videos, the audience can like, dislike, and comment on Stories. The moderation tools also remain the same as videos. With YouTube now on board the Stories bandwagon, the Stories feature looks to become a key part of the social media world.


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Skype introduces live captions and subtitles

In celebration of the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Skype launched call captioning with live captions and subtitles. The intention of the feature is to create a more inclusive environment for users who are deaf or hard of hearing. The new update works for one on one calls as well as group calls; it currently features an auto-scroll option with additional viewing options to be added in the near future.


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Instagram testing side scrolling feed view

Instagram is testing a a side scrolling format for its regular feed view with the goal of making it more similar to the Stories format. This would signal a major shift in how the app looks and how it’s used. The rise in Instagram Stories usage looks to have knock-on effects on the rest of the Instagram app.

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Google is shutting down Allo

Most of you are probably wondering, “What is Allo?”. Allo was Google’s attempt to compete with Apple’s iMessage; however, the chat app never picked up any traction. The news of the shutdown isn’t entirely surprising as Google paused all investment in the chat app back in April. This move by Google will make way for the recently announced RCS Chat on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in partnership with Verizon.

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Facebook and Spotify release users’ “Year in Review”

Various social channels have been releasing “Year in Review” content for users over the past few years; however, 2018 marks the year this trend turns into a standard and popular feature that users look forward to and discuss at length. This coincides with users becoming more interested in their own data, even celebrities have discussed their “Year in Review” on social media.


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Twitter releases the most Tweeted about Topics & Celebrities of 2018

This past week, Twitter released its annual roundup of Twitter activity over the past year. The Most Tweeted about movements and US political figures should come as no surprise. BTS, the Korean boy band, tops the Most Tweeted about celebrities list, beating out Kanye, LeBron, and Drake. The Asian influence is significant in the celebrities list as EXO and Jimin in addition to BTS make up 3 of the top 10. Twitter also released regional insights for the UK, Canada, and Australia among other countries.


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