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The week in social: Workplace video, trending food, and 4k photos

Facebook Workplace now features group video calling

A feature that has been in planning for several months, Facebook Workplace now offers video calling for all users. The new feature comes shortly after launch of the dedicated desktop app, aiming to now be an even more complete workplace communications solution. The feature works on both desktop and mobile dedicated apps, as well as through the Chrome browser.

More information on Facebook Workplace Blog.

YouTube reveals its top trending foods for Thanksgiving 2017

It may not come as a surprise, but Turkey was the top trending food in YouTube videos for this past Holiday week in 2017. The network shared top trending foods for not only Thanksgiving, but so far for the entire year, and the lists couldn’t be more different. Topping the list for Thanksgiving were Turkey, Stuffing, and Gravy (within the how-to section of videos), whereas the overall list for 2017 was topped by Fried Ice Cream, Okra, and Aquafaba (within the cooking section of videos).

More information on AdWeek.

Facebook Messenger users can now send 4k photos

As the maximum resolution on phone screens and camera power continues to increase, so too are social networks catching up by offering high resolution media content as part of their features. The latest comes from Facebook Messenger, which now allows users to send photos in up to 4k resolution, or 4,096 x 4,096 pixels for an image. In an official blog post, Facebook also said that there are 17 billion photos sent on Messenger every month.


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Friends can now join in on Instagram Live videos

In an effort to increase co-live videos, Instagram has introduced a feature that will allow users to request to join one another when one person is already presently live. When one user is live, another can tap a ‘request’ button that will appear in the comments section of the broadcast. If the broadcaster accepts, the new user will have a moment to set up and then they will also be placed live in the same broadcast with a split screen view, and they will be able to jump off at any time. For the original broadcaster, they will have the ability to see and accept requests, and to keep or remove a co-broadcaster at any time from their stream.


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PayPal integrates features into Facebook Messenger

A brand new feature of PayPal on Facebook Messenger allows sellers to send invoices directly to buyers. The invoices come with description of the product, an image, and the price to provide full transparency around the purchase. This is the latest new feature of PayPal’s partnership with Facebook Messenger, an integration aimed at keeping people within the Facebook ecosystem as a function of convenience while shopping, where the original functionality announced a few months ago was largely focused on peer-to-peer payments.

More information on PayPal blog.