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The week in social: Snapchat context cards, Facebook food, and Twitter bookmarks

Twitter will be launching a new bookmark tool

In an official statement, Twitter confirmed that it is developing a tool that will let users save or ‘bookmark’ tweets for later reading. The ways users did this in the past was by ‘liking’ a post, which functions as more of a hack to be able to reference a tweet in some form of a list. The feature has been popularly requested by many users, Twitter is now seeking to cement the feature with feedback from the community.


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Snapchat debuts Context Cards to help users learn more about content

Snapchat context cards are positioned as the brand new way to learn more about snaps that appear on the service. The cards appear for content that comes from partners, for example Uber, which will allow users to hail a ride, or OpenTable, where a user can make a restaurant reservation. Snapchat said in a blog post that as they learn more about how the feature is being users, additional partners will be brought on board and the feature will be improved.

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Twitter launches ‘Happening Now’

A new feature very similar to ‘Moments’, Twitter earlier this week launched ‘Happening Now’, which curates a list of tweets related to a specific subject. It is similar to ‘Moments’, but unlike that feature, it does not tell a full story, and is just a listing of related tweets. The feature was introduced as a way to introduce new users to Twitter and to be able to easily find subjects they were interested in. The feature is being introduced with Sports, and will feature more topics over time. The feature is presently available in the United States, on iOS and Android.


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YouTube introduces features to help with offline measurement

YouTube this past week introduced location extensions and offline measurement to help marketers understand the impact that their online ads have on offline metrics such as foot traffic into stores. Users who watch brand videos and ads will be able to see store location information right within the ad, and combined with store visits measurements, advertisers will be able to see the impact of YouTube ads versus other traditional advertising.


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Skype adds Cortana into its services

Cortana, the digital assistant created by Microsoft, has been added into Skype. Things that Cortana can help with in a chat are restaurant recommendations and movie reviews, among other options such as smart replies, which make responding to a message easier and faster. In addition, Cortana can recommend the setup of scheduled events when it detects planning in conversations. Cortana has also been introduced as a bot, one of many that Skype offers to help with specific functions.


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Facebook brings its digital assistant to new places

Facebook Messenger’s digital assistant M, is now available in new countries, specifically Portugal and Brazil, both Portuguese speaking countries. M will be able to provide recommendations for use of stickers, Polls, Birthdays, initiation of calls, and more. No word on if additional non-English speaking countries will follow, but this is likely as the service picks up additional traction.

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Facebook now lets users order food right on the app

Facebook has introduced the ability to order food as both a way of keeping users within the Facebook eco-system while ordering food, and also as a way of simplifying the entire experience. Facebook’s option for food ordering aggregates services such as, DoorDash, and more, such as individual restaurants like Papa John’s. Facebook has been testing the feature for more than a year, and the feature is now available everyone in the US on iOS, Android, and Desktop.


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YouTube relaunches its website for Creators

In an effort to keep more creators on YouTube in the face of mounting pressure, YouTube has relaunched its Creators website. New features on the website include a Twitter feed from @YTCreators, as well as a feed of the YouTube Creators blog. There is a module on the website that helps index information from the help pages, as well as the addition of Master Class, which is a tool that is aimed at helping Creators grow their audiences and keep abreast of the latest tools on YouTube.

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