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The week in social: Pinterest ad groups, Instagram Live, and LinkedIn overhaul

Snapchat debuts new Sequenced Video format for ads

As part of a new offering for advertisers, Snapchat now has an ad format called Sequenced Video, whereby the advertiser can create a sequence of 10 second ads, where the norm would be a 30 second single-cut video ad. The option is available to purchase directly through Snapchat only, and cannot be created with other services through the Snapchat ads API.

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Pinterest advertisers can now split campaigns into ad groups

A feature long offered by competitors for marketers’ ad dollars, such as Facebook, Pinterest is now allowing splitting of campaigns into smaller, distinct ad groups, intended to create a further level of organization with campaigns. A few of the features allowed with ad groups include assigning budgets and targeting, and aligning more granular marketing goals. Advertisers on Pinterest will see a notification when it is possible to start using ad groups.

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Google+ interface is overhauled

Google is releasing three brand new user-requested features to its Google+ platform, announced in a post earlier this week. The first is hiding low quality comments, or in other words, spam comments, so that users can focus on ones from real contacts and interested parties. The second feature is reducing the white space in the feed, and allowing users to zoom in on photos, one of the most commonly shared types of media on the platform. Lastly, in somewhat of a surprise, Google+ is bringing back Events, a feature that was not long ago removed. It will be active again on January 24th.


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LinkedIn updates its desktop design and search functionality

Long teased out as part of its total refresh starting with the mobile app, LinkedIn has updated its desktop layout to match the app more closely in look and feel. The update was announced earlier this week, and it prioritizes content in the feed using algorithms as well as human editors, according to an official blog post. Navigation has also been simplified to allow users easier access to the core functions they use the most, such as Home, Messaging, Jobs and more. Search has also been improved by allowing users to filter their results to get to what they want faster.

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Instagram Live is now available in more countries

Although live video as part of Instagram stories has been available in the US since November of 2016, its only until earlier this past week that more countries received access. Live video is now available for use in the UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Japan and Canada. Instagram’s version of live video mimics Facebook in several key features such as allowing for real time interactions through comments and reactions.


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Twitter will now automatically loop short videos

Taking a cue from Vine, Twitter’s recently shuttered video-sharing app, the platform will now automatically loop videos that are uploaded by users if they are shorter than 6.5 seconds. Simultaneously, this comes with the final closing of the Vine app, and the launch of the Vine Camera, which takes 6 second videos and allows users to save them or uploaded to them to Twitter. Essentially what this means is that Twitter has absorbed Vine’s capabilities directly into its platform, instead of keeping them in a separate network.

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Threaded messaging now available on slack

One of the most popular messaging apps for workplace-based communication, Slack is now offering threaded messages within its conversations. Slack has positioned the feature as an easier way to ‘follow and manage the variety of conversations happening within Slack.’ Threaded conversations will show a thumbnail of the conversation participants and also show the number of replies in the thread. If a user wants to add someone else in the conversation, they can ‘@’ message them in the thread.


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Foursquare adds a new list search feature

In order to make it easier for users to discover lists, Foursquare has introduced a new list search feature. In order to access it, all users have to do is search for a specific brand or keyword set on the list tab in the Foursquare app for mobile devices, according to a company post. Lists curated by Foursquare from partners include guides to America’s best pizza, a travel guide to Tokyo, and more.

More information on Foursquare Blog.

Vimeo debuts a new video review tool

As a way to help people collaborate more effectively when creating video projects, Vimeo has introduced a video review tool. On the video review page, reviewers can stop a video at any time, and add a comment on any place. The tool is available for users who have a Vimeo PRO or Business membership. An official blog post from the company goes on to explain the various features and how to effectively use them, specifically the process that includes four core steps; upload, review, publish, and analyze.


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Twitter is getting rid of its Buy button

Twitter is moving away from it’s focus on e-commerce, and as part of that it will be phasing out its Buy button, a once-popular CTA as part of Twitter cards. Customers from the social commerce platform Shopify have received notifications that the Twitter sales channel will be shutting down. Pages that once referenced the Buy button are starting to slowly disappear as well from Twitter Business. The Buy button first debuted in 2014 but was only slowly adopted throughout the network.

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