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Stay aHead: Plague

by Roberto Estreitinho on 19 December 2014

Sure, everyone nowadays wants their product or brand to ‘go viral’. But would you say you want to plague a set of users or consumers with your message? Because that’s exactly what a new app – Plague – aims to help you do.




The premise is simple: it’s a location-based app in which you share your status, which - if it’s interesting enough – might be allowed to “plague” other users around you, and travel further through the network. Users have a single feed where they allow others messages to “plague” them, via a Tinder-esque mechanic: swipe downwards to let that message infect you, or swipe upwards to stop it on its tracks.

If it is you who wants to start a local plague, you can make use of text, links, pictures and videos to make yourself heard. The same rules apply: users around you decide if it spreads or not, and that contributes to your Infection Index (how “infectious” your posts are).


But can Plague bring value to an already crowded social media landscape?

The signs are promising. First of all, it’s a simple and exciting mix of location and analytics that focuses on a key principle: you either like something enough to let it spread, or you don’t, and it’s a deeply instinctive mental process. That “oh yeah!” moment matters, and Plague makes it incredibly easy to let others know what you find exciting.

Second, if its usage spreads, Plague could be an exciting platform for hyperlocal crowdsourcing of interesting stuff. Only time will tell, but that can mean important news, local gossip, ridiculous jokes or those crazy happy hour moments in a Soho bar.

Perhaps most importantly (for now), Plague represents a nice twist on a saturated conversation around social being local, everything being mobile-centric, and so on. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a lot of buzz but little substance when it comes to new apps and social platforms, but Plague’s simple, instinct-harnessing approach makes it a good contender for brands looking for a new sandpit in which to play.

This is an exciting time for word of mouth marketing in Dubai as the UAE government slowly but surely makes the transition to the digital world and encourages the country’s residents to do the same.

Last month, Dubai Silicon Oasis witnessed a conference discussing the future of the community and announcing new technologies – including the plan for Dubai’s beaches and parks to be WIFI enabled and open to anyone.…


Google updates Hangouts with new features

Earlier this week, Google updated its Hangouts app for Android mobile devices with several new features, including letting users see when a contact was “last seen” on the network, letting users share their location, and new sticker sets for messages.…


The week in social: Fresco, Slingshot, and Toyota

by Kevin Barnes on 08 December 2014

Fresco seeks to be the Instagram of news

A new application, founded by John Meyer, seeks to be the Instagram of news, discovering stories by flipping through cover photos. Each photo on the mobile application features a caption and then a link to more information on the story.…


Trends: The rise of the selfie

by Deanna Sandmann on 06 December 2014

You’ve seen them just about everywhere, they’re taking over your Facebook Newsfeed, your Instagram feed and running rampant on SnapChat. Taking selfies is no longer just a trend or a fad, it’s the self portrait re-imagined for the age of social communications.…


The week in social: Ferguson, Hiero, and Yik Yak

by Kevin Barnes on 30 November 2014

Snapchat debuts new ad format with Samsung during AMAs

During the American Music Awards this past Sunday, Snapchat debuted its newest ad product only one month after launching its first sponsored post. Its partner for the new ad, a streaming sponsored story, is Samsung, doing an “Our Story” stream.…