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Stay aHead: Nutshell

by Roberto Estreitinho on 24 March 2015

I’ll start with a confession: I was never a fan of Prezi.

I started seeing people using it during my uni years (2006–2012) as a replacement for PowerPoint. It was often seen as the slick option to do a “cool” presentation and dazzle teachers and colleagues with some technical prowess as we discussed McLuhan’s media theories or the importance of core competencies for business strategy.

Except some of us weren’t dazzled. The animations left us confused (wait, why are we flying around to another part of whatever bubbly shape that is?), and often didn’t make up for the weak content we were hearing. In short, Prezi’s snazzy presenting framework couldn’t make up for a lack of insight. Form didn’t follow function.

To me, Prezi is to group presentations what 3D is to cinema. A nice to have, but if it is the core of your story then you’re probably not in a good place.

Maybe that’s why I was delighted by the incredibly smooth and simple experience of using (Prezi-owned) Nutshell. In fact, the name represents what Nutshell stands for – “Life’s little stories, short and sweet”. Here’s how it works: “Snap three pictures. Add captions. Choose graphics. And let Nutshell turn it all into a shareable cinematic story.”

Nutshell app

In its basic form, Nutshell is a hybrid video and photo app. You record what you want to tell, snap three crucial moments and annotate with beautiful effects. Simple, effective and elegant. But instead of boring you with features, I thought I’d tell a little story about 1000heads’ London office – here are a few of our most interesting desks, in a nutshell.

Let’s start with the resident champion of desk cleanliness, Community Manager Jack Martin.

Moving on to the ruler of toys and all things colourful, our amazing designer Tim King.

And last but not least, the words of wisdom we can often find at Media Planner Andrew Rajanathan’s desk.

In summary, if Prezi could make a simple presentation unnecessarily complicated, Nutshell aims to help us tell deeper stories in simple, stylish and exciting forms.

At a higher level, Nutshell represents what’s important to remember in the work we do and how our clients approach communications through social media – shapes and forms are great, but only if they support the story we’re trying to tell. Remember, form follows function, and shiny new technology doesn’t change that.

I think the people behind Nutshell are onto something by mixing video and photos in such a user-friendly way, so I’d definitely recommend you give it a go. Oh, and if you want, feel free to share your #DeskInANutshell with us on Twitter: @1000heads.

Facebook Messenger debuts friend to friend payments

As speculated, Facebook recently announced that its Messenger app will allow users to conduct friend-to-friend payment. The app now features a “$” sign on the keyboard, to take users to the payments interface. Users will then be promoted to enter a debit card and send money to a friend.…


Facebook introduces topic data app

Facebook has teamed up with DataSift to finally allow users to dissect what people are actually saying about brands, events, and various activities. Topic data will help further communicate the value of social media. Facebook user content such as status messages will be used for ad targeting, and the topical data will allow Facebook advertisers to learn more about their audience and create more relevant ads.…


The IKEA 180: Can a brand just change point of view?

by Tess Kaytmaz on 18 March 2015

I first understood exactly how a creative campaign can help a company when the teacher of my high school film class showed us the following, multi-award-winning Spike Jonze directed IKEA advert:

The advert (teacher’s favorite) shows a woman dumping a lamp on the curb in favor of a newer model.…


Stay aHead: Millennial Marketing

by Jack Martin on 11 March 2015

Millennial – mil·len·ni·al
a person born in the 1980s to the early 2000s —usually plural.

By now, you’re probably very familiar with the term ‘millennials’, and if you’re not then you’ve had a lucky escape.

Why a lucky escape? Because it’s bullshit.…


Startup Meerkat brings live video broadcast to Twitter

Built on top of Twitter’s identity, distribution and communication systems, Meerkat is a real-time video broadcast app that automatically connects to your Twitter account, allowing for instantaneous contact lists and content pushes. Links to broadcasts are sent to your twitter stream with video comments and interactions delivered via Twitter @ replies.…


#TheDress takes over social media

On Thursday of last week, conversation erupted around a filtered photo posted to Tumblr of a two-colored dress. The photo went viral and turned into a massive meme, as users tried to decipher whether the photo was white and gold, or blue and black.…