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Lindblad Nat Geo
Animal Photobombers

The challenge

Adventure travel company Lindblad National Geographic challenged 1000heads to come up with a new way to reach their niche target audience of affluent 55+ year olds and get them excited about taking one of their exclusive travel expeditions.


55+ year olds in the US represented the fastest growing demographic on Facebook and over 70% were using email daily. And more than any other group they were proponents of sending fun emails to groups of contacts.


What if the rare animals you could meet on a Lindblad Nat Geo expedition started photobombing you for attention?


We created an app that allowed people to add rare animal photobombers into any photo and share with friends.

Users could choose any photo from their camera roll and pick from a series of animal photo bombers from turtles to orang-utans and blue-footed boobies. Each animal represented a different travel destination that users could book to visit using Lindblad Expeditions. The application generated a photobombed version of the original picture for sharing with friends over social or email. Each photobomb message was sent with the backstory of the animal and more information on the destination.

The app was embedded and promoted on Lindblad’s website as well as on Facebook. Through social content and paid media we challenged people to photobomb their friends for a chance to win a trip to meet the animal for real!


Over 4,000 photobombs were created and shared by our target audience, generating a record number of qualified inbound leads for the brand as well as increasing their social community size by 30% – unprecedented growth for the company. All this helped Lindblad have its best ever year in sales.

social engagements generated
increase in community size
email signups