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The week in social: YouTube for podcasts, Spotify on Snapchat, and shopping

Share Spotify sounds on Snapchat

With the help of the massive audio-streaming app, Snapchat is continuing its resurgence with the release of a new feature. Spotify users can now share their favourite music and podcasts with their friends on Snapchat, or place it on their Story. This makes Snapchat one of the many apps that users can share what their listening to, along with Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Stories.

The process is similar to sharing on any other app – tap the three-dot share menu found on the top-right of the Spotify app and select Snapchat from the list. Snapchat will then open, with a new Snap including full album art.

This new feature benefits artists as well. With most of Snapchat’s 203 million daily users being teens and young adults, musicians and their teams can now promote their tunes to this much sought-after demographic.

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YouTube is becoming the place for podcasts

When people look for podcasts to listen to, they might usually head to Apple Podcasts or Spotify and scroll through the seemingly endless selection. These apps might not be the top destination for long, though, as YouTube is proving to be a legitimate place for podcast creators.

With audio being the most important part of a podcast, it would seem unlikely that YouTube would be the place to go. But several podcast creators have figured out a way to make it work on a platform that wasn’t made with them in mind, using YouTube’s search algorithm to attract a new audience, raise money, and expand into a rapidly growing medium.

Some of the top podcasts on YouTube like the H3 Podcast or The Joe Rogan Experience receive millions of views in a matter of weeks. These channels post their podcasts in long-form, lasting two to three hours, but also as short, bite-sized highlight videos. In a recent survey of Canadian adults, 43% percent of people “went to YouTube for podcasts in the past year,” which puts the platform ahead of Apple Podcasts (34%) and Spotify (23%). It seems as if the podcast on YouTube trend could be here to stay.

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New shopping ads for Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is testing out a new shoppable ad option, aimed at keeping users on the app instead of sending them to a separate website to make a purchase.

Called ‘Dynamic Ads’, these are designed to “automatically show the right products to people who have expressed interest on your website, in your app or elsewhere on the Internet.” With this, users would see relevant products and purchase them seamlessly with the ‘Checkout on Facebook’ option.

Instagram has been working on the same process as well, with the app slowly rolling out its Shopping Tags for businesses. The platform is also looking to add paid promotion options to its ‘Checkout on Instagram’ shopping posts in the near future.

Both of these new features are currently being tested, with the hopes to roll out just in time for the Christmas season.


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You can now re-order your attached Tweet images

Although it seems like a minor thing, gone are the headaches of having to upload images in the order of how you’d like them to be seen on Twitter. It’s a simple addition, but it could go a long way for those brands that want complete control over their tweet presentation in order to maximise performance. The update is available now in the latest version of the app, which was released this week.

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Facebook adds new tools for public figures

With content creators and influencers attracting large amounts of engagement, Facebook has come up with a bunch of features to keep these top contributors active.

One such option will allow several public figures to contribute to the same Story. This feature was tested out at the recent Tomorrowland music festival, with the main Tomorrowland page sharing content from several of the festival acts.

The social media giant also added a new Call to Action sticker for Stories, which encourages fans to reply to posts by sending over a photo or video.


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