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The week in social: Twitter API, Snapchat animated filters, and Facebook facial recognition

Twitter now allows app based two factor authentication

Following up on a greater commitment to security, Twitter is now offering the ability to do two factor authentication through more that just a mobile SMS. Previously, users who wanted additional security for their Twitter accounts would receive a code via SMS that they would enter in the Twitter app, but now other services that individuals use for other platforms are available, such as Google Authenticator.

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Animated filters are now available to brands on Snapchat

As part of the next evolution in Snapchat brand advertising, new animated filters are available for brands to purchase. The first brand to do this, Dunkin’ Donuts, has a filter with an animated coffee cup featured, advertised on the Winter Solstice for their dark roast coffee. Data from Snapchat says that 3 billion filtered Snaps are viewed each day, a measure of opportunities for brands if they buy sponsored filters.

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Facebook introduces more facial recognition technology

Facebook wants to give users more control over the content that they are tagged or featured in, and they are releasing smarter facial recognition technology features to help make that a reality. Facebook now will send a notification to users who are part of the audience of a post even if they have not been tagged, and the user can decide if they want to be tagged in the photo or not. In addition, if a user uploads someone else’s photo on Facebook, Facebook will contact the actual person whose photo it is in order to help stop the impersonation of users on the platform.


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Instagram now has an Alpha program for iOS and Android

Instagram has had a long standing Beta program where less-than-widely released features could be tested that are planned for wide market release, but now the company is introduced an Alpha program on iOS and Android that lets users and early adopters test experimental features that may never even be released. Features such as the multi-photo post, and the ability to switch accounts in-app were introduced in beta, and there are no firm details yet on what features will be tested from the get-go on the Alpha platform. The Android version is presently taking requests through joining of a Google Group, but the iOS version is not taking any more participants.

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Twitter expands the functionality of its Account Activities API

The Account Activities API was designed by Twitter to let developers see a large range of activities that users undertake with a particular Twitter account, but now the company is releasing an Enterprise version that allows for pulling data from multiple accounts and looking at additional engagement transactions on the platform. This will be followed by a new beta version of the API that will allow users to see data from up to 35 different accounts. This news was followed by the announcement that new developer features for Direct Messages will now be available, such as Quick Relies, Welcome Messages, and more.


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