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Stay aHead: 5 Instagram accounts to inspire community managers

Managing branded social media presences every day can be rewarding, complex, varied, frustrating and surprising in equal measure. It can also be hard to step back from the detail and inject some fresh insight and inspiration into fast-moving work, so here are five Instagram accounts will help you keep on the top of your game.

Word of the day

As community managers writing a lot of copy, it’s easy to get stuck in a ‘brand routine’ and simply regurgitate buzz words. But outside of branded hashtags and current campaign language, it’s vital to keep your feed fresh and engaging with stand-out copy. This Instagram account offers – wait for it – a word of the day along with a visual that embodies the word’s meaning. Follow and watch your vocab grow.


Let’s be honest, some days are a bit rocky online, especially if you’re in a customer care situation. To combat those rough moments, tap into Happsters feed and bring your mood straight back up. It may not be everyone’s vibe (I find it over the top at times), but your tone can have a huge impact on your online community, so make sure you’re keeping it positive.


Almost everyone knows and loves TED, the organisation committed to spreading ideas on any subject you can think of. But you may not be aware that TED is on Instagram. Well they are and they’re putting out great content. Their photography is great and almost as inspiring as their talks, and the quotes they post can spark your imagination any time you need a boost. I find it useful before popping into meetings.

Clean Eatz

A busy and fast paced account means you need to be on the ball and fighting fit. Clean Eatz has a different meal every day that is easy to make, simple and gives you all need to recharge for the afternoon. We all need to guard against the slide into mindless routine, and variety in little things, even down to what I’m having for lunch, can make a difference. Not to mention, the dishes are delicious; I recommend the mango and sticky rice.


Nike’s Instagram feed is top quality. There are no 8/10 shots, they are all 9 or 10/10’s and the whole feed is immensely inspiring. I use this account as a benchmark for all content that I post. ‘Would it be good enough for Nike?’ I ask myself.  If it’s not, then why am I posting it? Let’s all raise the bar in terms of rich, engaging content.