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CES 2015: consumer tech trends

The Consumer Electronics Show takes place in Vegas each January, and with it comes a strong indication of the impact that technology will have on consumers and how they will soon be spending their precious time.

The variety of tech on show – and hype that surrounds it – can be overwhelming at times, and so too is the process of identifying and interpreting how tech will impact people’s behaviour.

To combat this, applying an intelligent filter to the tech news pouring out of Vegas helps structure thinking around the subject. And so, in an effort to extract a meaningful interpretation of the implications for brands, we asked a series of questions of each product announcement or trend identified.

Questions like:

  • What problem is this solving?
  • Where/how will it change the way people spend their time?
  • How does it allow people to discover new things?
  • How might it bring connected or like-minded people together?
  • How does it empower people to change the way they are perceived by others?

Though there are rarely definitive answers to all of the above, the process helps solidify thinking in a manner that can help brands avoid a panicked rush among their peers to ‘do something cool’ with the latest tech. Rather, this thinking can help in allowing them to spot opportunities that can add genuine value, utility or fun to people’s lives.

If that sounds like something you’d like to get on board with, here’s a SlideShare that summarises 1000heads’ take on trends emerging from CES 2015 and their implications for brands…

CES 2015: What a smarter world means for brands