BBC Worldwide // Taboo Launch

Launching Tom Hardy’s hit show with TV fans

The challenge

BBC Worldwide were launching Tom Hardy’s Taboo in Australia and asked 1000heads to help spread the word via TV drama fans active in social media. Taboo was entering a very competitive entertainment space, and with few existing advocates of the show in Australia, we needed to find a way to stand out.


Taboo is a visceral viewing experience, transporting viewers to 1800s London and into the world of the mysterious James Kaziah Delaney. Early UK reviewers cited the authentic set designs and atmosphere as highlights; calling out some instantly recognizable iconography, such as the signature top hat of the brooding lead character.


We took influencers deep into the story of Taboo with bespoke asset packs, hidden maps, and a secret premiere screening in a previously forgotten underground theatre in Sydney.


Our team profiled social influencers based on reach, relevance, audience rapport and content resonance and reached out to them, asking if they’d like to join the BBC for a special night in July. To affirm their interest all we asked of them was to RSVP with their hat size. Intrigued? To assist, we included period-inspired instructions for measuring their head.

We followed up by sending each influencer a special wax-sealed box. Inside contained various artifacts including pages from an old newspaper with articles featuring Taboo's main characters and plot backstories. The main asset was an exquisitely crafted top hat (the same style as worn by James Delaney), which was correctly sized and personalized with each influencer's name and initials. Under the brim we hid a map with directions for a private screening experience in Sydney.

Our team transformed a previously forgotten underground theatre into a decadent 1800s banquet experience, with brandy, candles and candelabras, authentic foods and costumes - a perfect backdrop for watching the screening of the first season premiere of Taboo... in a top hat.


Our intimate and immersive Taboo experience amassed over 10k likes, shares and comments in social, increasing show conversations globally by 450% in the days leading up to, and the days after, the screening. Season premiere viewer figures on TV were significantly higher than the BBC anticipated and the buzz even caught the attention of Tom Hardy himself who requested a themed pack to be shipped out to him.

influencer RSVP & 100% attendance rate

likes, shares and comments

uplift in Taboo WOM

From now on I only respond to party invitations that come with a customised top hat and treasure map #BBC #Taboo

Laura Brodnick: Entertainment Editor, MamaMia

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