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Getting social with donuts

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Nothing travels faster than a good idea. Here if you haven’t already seen it, is the simple but brilliant donut metaphor the guys at Three Ships Media used to explain social media.

Once they had written up their thoughts on a whiteboard, multimedia producer Doug Ray snapped a quick photo via Instagram, and uploaded it to Facebook and Twitter.

They thought no more about it, but since then their donuts have travelled the world – many times.

As well as 100,000s of ‘Likes’ on Facebook, 1,000s of Tweets and numerous posts across the blogosphere and other social media platforms, their donut illustration has featured in newspapers and magazines around the world.

You have probably seen it, and if you have seen it, you have probably shared it. So how can a few lines of handwriting on a whiteboard be so successful?

A major reason is simplicity. In a few light-hearted succinct sentences it accurately captures the different ways that different social media platforms are used.

It resonates. It makes you think: ‘That’s what I was trying to say’. It presents information in a fun and relevant way.

The donuts go to show that when you have messages you want to communicate, you don’t always need flashing lights and pogo sticks.

The key to conversational success is to say interesting things in interesting ways.

100 years of 1000heads

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

This week, I claimed that companies like ours are the agencies of the future but somebody put me in my place by pointing out that 1000heads is a child of the last century. Day to day work normally gets in the way of reflection, but this made me pause for thought and consider the journey we’ve been on and the journey that lies ahead.

It was indeed in 1999 that plans to launch 1000heads were first laid. To put this into perspective, there was no Facebook (can a $100billion business really grow that quickly?), no Twitter, no YouTube, no MySpace, and social media meant no more than sharing a newspaper in the park.

We may not have partied like it was 1999 ever since but it’s been an action-packed, white-knuckle ride from our early days in a (thankfully converted) cowshed in rural Oxfordshire. We now have around 75 talented and inspiring people working out of our offices in Soho, we have a dozen more in New York under the leadership of North American CEO Mike Davison, plus growing teams in Australia and Germany.

As the grizzled veterans of social media, we have seen a global industry grow up with us, and around us, and we are proud to be a part of it.

In addition to clients such as Nokia, whom we have had the pleasure of working with for the last seven years, we are delighted that Mars Petcare, Skype, Toyota, Rebel Sports and Gala Bingo, to name but a few, have recently joined the 1000heads family.

Social media is in our DNA but today brands want so much more. We talk a lot about social communications, helping brands’ stories to travel further and faster. People talk and share information wherever they are, whatever they are doing, and whoever they are with.

Meeting that challenge is sometimes scary but always exhilarating and I’m delighted that we are able to welcome some fantastic new ‘Heads’ to the fold, as well as promotions for existing Heads, who together will be part of the leadership team taking 1000heads forward.

Joanne Jacobs takes up a position as Chief Operating Officer in our Sydney office from March 1st. Joanne describes herself as a ‘geekgirl’ and has a passion for all things social. A former lecturer in the MBA program at the Brisbane Graduate School of Business at Queensland University of Technology, Joanne is returning to Australia after a four year stint in London during which time she was Client Director for Xenial and more recently Chief Operating Officer for Hibrow, an online arts offering from British-based film-maker Don Boyd.

It’s a real coup to have Joanne join us and I know she will build on the great success we are already starting to see in the Australian market.

Here in London, Phil Borge has been appointed to the newly created role of Strategic Planning Director.  He joins us from PR agency Eulogy! after 10 years of service, where he was most recently Senior Account Director and strategic lead within its marketing services division.

In short Phil is a guy who gets things done and he will be responsible for developing the agency’s approach to client strategy, working with the insights, project management and creative teams across multiple projects and campaigns.  He will also spearhead the addition of PR activation within client campaigns.

He will be working alongside Frank Grindrod, previously Group Account Director, who has been promoted to Client Services Director. Frank has been with 1000heads for six years and while ‘social media guru’ is a term he would shrink from, we call him it anyway.

Simon Adamson, another long-serving ‘Head’, has been promoted to Group Account Director and will continue to keep calm while all around him ‘chaordic’ enthusiasm reigns.

We also shortly hope to be announcing the appointment of our first Community Director, another key hire for the business. The Community Director will be responsible for our 20-strong Community team, running social presences, advocacy programmes, and community events.

Our journey may have started in the last century, and it may feel like we have been travelling 100 years at times, but the reality is that we have only just left the station and the tracks are infinite. We are delighted to welcome our new travelling companions on board.