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Conversations on… climate change in Australia

Friday, April 13th, 2012

The 1000heads team in Australia has begun taking a series of online ‘conversation snapshots’, in order to better understand the interests, passions and profiles of people active in social media across the country. Below is the first of these observations, looking at a spike in conversation about climate change – the result of the publication of the State of the Climate 2012 report.

What’s fascinating about this insight is the split in opinion between people on Twitter and those posting in forums and on blogs, as well as the heavy weighting towards men talking about the issues.

The debate will of course continue.


Spread the word…

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Today, 15th October, is Blog Action Day. A day when bloggers around the world combine to inspire discussion and debate about a worthwhile topic. For 2009, it’s climate change.

Now, I’m no expert on climate change, so I won’t get stuck into that (you can get started here however), but I do realise it’s an important issue. I also know, that I don’t know enough about it. Which means I know that I really should find out more, before this image is consigned to history…

Luckily, Climate Change is something people talk about. Five minutes with Google and a deft swish of the mouse and you can be knee deep in stats, thoughts and opinions – not to mention some healthy debate. And let’s be thankful for that. There are important issues in the world, things that require our attention, and encouraging conversation around such issues helps us all make informed and rational choices. Whether it’s how we live our lives, or what mobile phone we should buy, I for one am glad for people talking.

It isn’t just about issues (or products) though. Word of Mouth can spread other vital bits of information too.

What’s the best way to get over a hangover? How should you react when somebody makes a serous social faux-pas? What are you actually meant to do on your Wedding Night? Conversations spread this key information from person to person in ways commercial breaks, or hastily foisted flyers never could. Though I would love to see a pamphlet entitled ‘What To Do On Your Wedding Night’.

Communicating is a human function. Let’s keep it human – go and engage with what other people have to say…, you might just learn something.

Have you taken part in Blog Action day?