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Reaching new audiences can be one of the most powerful applications of social media. So when Nokia launched their Pink N8 device it was the ideal opportunity to engage a young, female, fashion audience outside their usual tech fans.

With our Search for the Next Style Correspondent campaign, in association with Nokia and ELLE, we aimed to unearth the next great fashion blogging talent, while making the Pink N8 the must-have device for fashion bloggers worldwide. We also wanted to get the wider style community, as well as women who hadn’t spoken about Nokia before, personally engaged with the brand.

After listening to the conversations, trends and behaviours within style and fashion communities, we designed a series of tough content creation challenges that would showcase aspiring fashion bloggers’ creativity and passion, and give them an opportunity to test the Pink Nokia N8 out in the field: in a once in a lifetime opportunity, as a correspondent at New York Fashion Week.

On 1st June 2011 we launched Search for the Next Style Correspondent on the Nokia global Facebook page and ELLE.com. Immediately, 4 million+ Nokia Facebook fans were talking pink and fashion, while ELLE devotees were debating the joys of high-powered mobile blogging.

The news of the search broke with emails and personal asset packs sent out to key fashion lovers across social media. Whether explaining their correspondent credentials or creating a full style portfolio using the Pink N8, content from the unfolding challenges spread across entrants’ own presences, Nokia owned social, and in ELLE print and online (including ELLE Magazine Twitter stream, ELLE US Facebook page and articles on Slovenian, Swedish and Canadian websites).

The 8 finalists attended New York Fashion Week clutching their Pink N8s and creating an explosion of content, conversation and emotion. Winner Barbro Andersen wrote, “Covering New York Fashion Week on behalf of Nokia and ELLE was the most exciting experience of my life, and I’m forever grateful for have been given this opportunity.”

Search for Style Correspondent engaged over 600 fashion bloggers, creating 1,283 posts about the campaign. Nokia’s 6,000,000+ strong community across multiple platforms and Elle’s 200,000+ online following were also reached through the user generated content inspired by the challenges.

In total, 97% of those creating content had never spoken about Nokia before, demonstrating the effectiveness in the programme for building a new, deeply engaged community with the Nokia brand. Additionally, 40% of all conversation referenced the Pink Nokia N8 device, so the product stayed at the heart of the campaign.

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