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Nokia asked us to promote its partnership with Disney, for the release of Tron: Legacy, capturing the excitement and tone of the film in a way that people would want to talk about and share. We staged a ‘Tron takeover’ of Nokia’s YouTube and Facebook profiles, as well as its flagship Nseries blog.

The activity began with an attack on the Nseries blog, seemingly blocked by an ‘Encom takeover’. Users had to enter the secret code (hidden on the page) to help unlock it. 10,000 fans entering the correct code unlocked the brand new (and never before seen) Tron: Legacy trailer, exclusively for Nokia fans.

Fans of Nokia’s global Facebook page witnessed their own Encom takeover with status updates, chances to win premiere tickets and clues to the Nseries blog takeover all being posted – in binary code. The fans were left to decipher the code and react. Some even started responding in code themselves.

Back in the real world, limited edition Tron: Legacy Nokia N8s were sent out to key influential voices in social media. Each pack contained exclusive Tron themed accessories and each device came pre-loaded with an exclusive Tron: Legacy trailer.

In just 24 hours more than five million people had experienced the takeover across Nokia’s social presences, creating in excess of $500,000 equivalent media value. What’s more, 90% of people who interacted with the campaign had never talked about Nokia before.

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