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3D printing is just the latest piece of groundbreaking tech to become affordable for the masses. Step up, digital artists.

A new generation of designers is simultaneously using old tools and new media, from traditional pencil sketching to specialist digital apps. They can now realise their work in glorious 3D with just a few mouse clicks; which are, as it happens, just what it takes to use Adobe’s Creative Cloud 3D printing capabilities, made available for the first time in their latest update to Photoshop CC.

Having worked with Adobe since the start of the year on the Digital Marketing side of their business, we were briefed to help increase awareness of the new 3D printing capabilities of Adobe Creative Cloud within the design industry and beyond.

And so the #CreativityForAll campaign was born.

To help show off the capabilities of Adobe Creative Cloud to build, preview and finesse 3D models, as well as adding colour and texture to bring them to life, we hand-picked 25 artists (3D and 2D) and asked them to reimagine the traditional Easter egg. We then had these 3D printed in glorious coloured sandstone and sent them back to the artists to share with their communities.


To showcase these eggs-traordinary (sorry, it had to happen) creations, we also hosted a pop up studio at The Old Truman Brewery in London’s Brick Lane for three days last week, with Adobe designers demoing the Creative Cloud’s 3D printing capabilities, alongside 3D printers in the process of creating eggs.

To make sure we got further flung creatives involved, we also ran a Twitter competition for the chance of winning a 3D printed egg. The call to action was simple: tweet Adobe explaining what creativity means to you, using the #creativityforall hashtag.

The response? Let’s just say it was… no. No. We have self-control.

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