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Our work: Benefit POREfessional's Pore O'Clock

by Michelle McGill on 30 January 2014

Even successful products sometimes need a social boost. Benefit’s POREfessional, which launched in 2010, is the UK’s best selling primer – but we wanted to ensure that women across the country weren’t taking their beloved shine-killer for granted. It was a great chance to create a social campaign with produce sales at the heart of experience, making it extremely effective in terms of tracking ROI.

Time for Pore O’clock…

The simple central idea behind this campaign was to position 4pm– a time when women commonly complain about makeup slip after a long work day – as Pore O’Clock, the perfect opportunity to retouch your complexion and lift your spirits with Benefit’s POREfessional.

So how to spread the word?

Benefit already has a great brand identity, full of life, enthusiasm and fun. We made the most of this with a guerrilla marketing technique, whereby a team of SpyGals set out to ambush selected offices around the country, handing out free samples of POREfessional, offering makeovers and generally rejuvenating the workforce at Pore O’Clock. An alarm bell announcing their arrival, pumping music and a group dance routine all ramped up the drama, which we experienced ourselves at 1000heads London HQ (the men in the office seemingly needed a lot more work than us girls!)

With the unexpected mayhem unfolding around them, the people in the chosen offices dived for their phones to capture the experience in photos, videos, tweets and blogs; which led us to …..

The campaign hub 

Once we’d stirred up emotions, we needed a place for fans and consumers to engage and interact with the entire Pore O’Clock content.  Created by our in-house production team, the PORE O’Clock hub features all the social media content created by Pore O’Clock in a real time feed., and a competition to win a visit from the SpyGals complete with custom makeovers and POREfessional gifts.

The website takeover

However, this had to be a fully integrated campaign. The design team took over Benefit’s main website and stamped it with a prominent Pore O’Clock message. Visitors to the site are encouraged to visit again at 4pm for an exciting SpyGal mission. When a real-time clock featured on the site’s homepage strikes 4,  SpyGals descend from above and dust off a board to reveal: a free deluxe sample of POREfessional with any purchase. 

Tweet for a free treat

We also created a system whereby users who tweet using the #poreoclock hashtag are automatically tweeted a personalised voucher for a free sample. While excitement and awareness around the product was building fast, a broad base of people were also getting hands-on experience testing out the product.

Watch this space…

To date the campaign has received over 300million impressions. From trending on twitter, to dramatic increases in sales, we have some seriously exciting – and seriously trackable results emerging. We’ll issue a full case study video when the activity has wrapped, but for now it’s clear that Pore O’Clock has struck – and its message continues to chime.


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