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#1000smiles: thanks for taking part

by Freddie Young on 06 September 2013

A few weeks ago we brought word of a new 1000heads initiative, called #1000smiles. Well, we’re happy to report that the day took place on Friday 9th August, and it was a real pleasure to get everyone together and use our skills in a different way, to have some fun and to bring some Olympic-style cheer to sunny Soho.

This video shows some of the highlights:

#1000smiles, by 1000heads London from 1000heads on Vimeo.

In summary, this is what we did…

Inspired by movements like Pay It Forward and Suspended Coffee, we teamed up with the awesome Flat White amongst others to surprise Soho people with freebies, asking in return that they use the #1000smiles hashtag to pledge a good deed.

Also on Berwick Street was the World’s Smallest Fete – with games and goodies on offer for anyone willing to stop and chat with strangers.

Cards offering free Gelupo ice cream and other local treats were attached to balloons and hidden around our neighbourhood for people to find.

Anyone with a smartphone could join our pop-up silent disco by connecting to fyidisco’s mobile WiFi network.

We built a machine that dispensed hugs, surprises, treats and tunes at the push of a button – asking only that recipients pay it forward and spread some cheer via #1000smiles.

By the end of the day, we really felt like we’d achieved our objectives. We had come together as an agency and strengthened our relationships with amazing partners like Flat WhiteGelupothe Lyric and Angelic Digital.

#1000smiles had generated over 650 mentions online, reaching 1.3 million people – but more importantly, it had brought people together in our local area. Strangers talked, smiled and laughed with each other in a way we hadn’t seen so much since London 2012.

And so the end result, both on and offline, was something that is so integral to our business: conversation.

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