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Help us spread #1000smiles this Friday

by Freddie Young on 05 August 2013

At 1000heads, we have four company values which can be found throughout our offices, across our materials and, most importantly, in our work. They are:

1. Do the right thing.
2. Live in tomorrow.
3. Be bold and be brave.
4. Be passionate.

Being very bold and very brave. In a deckchair.

We take great pride in making sure they inform our work for our clients, but we rarely get an opportunity to focus on ourselves. Thankfully, a few days every year are set aside for the whole company to get together, lift our heads from our laptops, and do something special.

This year, we got thinking about how we could find an activity more meaningful than 2012′s undoubtedly-fun-but-slightly-too-competitive go-karting extravaganza; something that would bring the company together and remind everyone of what we stand for. So we took the first of our values and set about writing ourselves a brief that would harness our collective time and expertise towards ‘doing the right thing’.

We didn’t have to look far. From our HQ in Soho, we’ve experienced first hand the extraordinary emotional journey London has been on over the past few years. Back in 2011 there were the riots, which saw us leaving the office early with a support network in place for anyone who felt threatened getting home. A mere 12 months later, London came together for the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee, setting aside differences for a month of public goodwill as cynicism was swept away and strangers celebrated with each other in the street.

This summer, we’ve somewhat been left wondering: where has that amazing spirit gone? So we set ourselves a challenge. On the anniversary of the London 2012 Closing Ceremony, how can we recapture some of that sociable attitude in the streets where we work and play?

As with all our work, we started by listening. The conversational data we found in social media backed up our instincts and gave us some initial ideas. We assembled a team within the company and worked outside office hours to answer the brief and plan our big day.

That big day is this Friday 9th August. This Friday.

We don’t want to give away our plans, but if you’re in Soho this Friday, you may be in for a surprise. From a giant robot with a kind heart to a magical moveable disco party, via multiple kindnesses and the world’s smallest fête, we plan to resurrect that Olympic mood for all we come across.

Want to know more? Keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest feeds, follow the action via the #1000smiles hashtag, and please, please get involved.

Pay the feelgood factor forward, Londoners. You know you want to. Deep, deep down.

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