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Stay aHead: Swipp, Ditlo and Hipmob

by Eric Kramer on 05 February 2013

We select this week’s best emerging social platforms, so you can look clever.



Referring to itself as the “world’s first living social intelligence platform”, the ambitious team behind Swipp are looking to turn what the globe thinks about every conceivable topic into actionable, hard data . Currently available on iOS and the web, users are able to share updates about a person, place or thing along with a short note or photo if they choose. However, before the “Swipp” is complete, users must provide an emotional rating by dragging the slider at the bottom of the screen. This sentiment rating is based on a unique 11-point scale from -5 to +5 and provides an easy way to express how you feel about the update.

Since every “Swipp” is geo-tagged, connected to similar updates and aggregated, users can drill down to see how opinions on each topic vary across location and gender. With enough users, searching through this “living encyclopedia” of people, places and things could eventually prove to be extremely useful. It could be a potential goldmine for market research, with detailed analytics and reports sold to global brands. Retailers have also expressed interest in embedding Swipp into their websites to help track sentiment about their products. Additionally, the team is betting big on its open API with hopes that developers will build Swipp-based apps to unlock a new layer of insight. Still only a few weeks out of stealth mode, expect the startup to do everything in its power to build a critical mass of users large enough to make its dataset worthwhile.


It’s no secret that social media is becoming increasingly visual, with fresh platforms and tools released nearly every week to accommodate this trend. Ditlo (short for “day in the life of”) has recently launched to the public as a new way to “view captivating imagery of fascinating people from all walks of life.”

The mobile-friendly site is filled with “visual interviews” of popular actors, athletes, entrepreneurs, designers and other types of celebrities/influencers. All profiled individuals are shot by a world-renowned photographer to showcase their lives, interests and upcoming projects in a candid, Photoshop-free way. The fly on the wall perspective offers visitors an intimate experience in the form of imagery, personalized video content and fun facts. Copyrighted by the site, the editorial rights are available to purchase in its content archive. It’s a promising idea, and the site is aiming to incorporate industry leading events and exclusive parties, but the Ditlo team will need to release new content at a quicker rate if it expects to scale.


You’ve probably already come across plenty of sites on the web using some form of “live chat” (such as Olark) to better assist customers. However, when it comes to mobile apps, this functionality is still pretty rare. Hipmob looks to capitalize on this underserved market by making it incredibly simple to add a real-time support service to mobile apps. It definitely doesn’t make sense for every business, but this extra touch point can have significant value in situations when the product being sold is consumed offline.

The app mimics native chat clients on iOS and Android to make things feel familiar, and users simply need to click the “Chat” button to connect to a support team and start solving their issues. Additionally, chats can be picked up from outside of the app through push notifications, making it easy to extend the conversation as needed. The startup has its own new chat service in the works, but initial success will be driven by its integration with virtually every chat client that your business may already be using. A transcript of each conversation can also be automatically uploaded to many popular CRM tools. As it looks to scale the well-positioned business, expect Hipmob to gain traction as the demand for its services continues to increase.

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