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Stay aHead: Vinepeek, Cube26 and Tinder

by Eric Kramer on 29 January 2013

Our pick of the social apps and emerging tech you need to wrap your head around…


It was only a matter of time until Twitter attempted to capitalize on its acquisition of Vine. Last week, the general public finally received access to the compelling video-sharing service in the form of a standalone mobile app. While its users are still attempting to master their quick-cut swag, one group of devs took a few hours out of their Friday and released Vinepeek.

Providing a real-time, continuous stream of recent vines, the aggregation service is strangely mesmerizing. No need to limit yourself to following specific individuals. Vinepeek is a transient yet stimulating experience, 6 seconds at a time. Although a solid showcase for now, expect the service to be short-lived as Vine usage becomes more widespread and the technology eventually gets integrated into Twitter’s platform entirely.


Formerly known as PredictGaze, Cube26 is looking to make interaction with devices as natural as possible. Having its sights set on OEM hardware partners, the startup boasts a powerful “natural vision control” technology with plenty of practical use cases.

Silence a video by placing a finger to your lips or have it pause automatically when you step away. Scalable across multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets, PCs and SmartTVs, it allows devices to both recognize and better understand users. With additional gestures and functionality in the pipeline such as volume controls and a retail marketing product line, expect to hear soon about some major hardware partnerships or a potentially lucrative exit soon.


When it comes to online dating apps, you have every right to be suspicious. Finding the precise combination of social and mobile while keeping the creep factor at a minimum is hard to come by. However, Tinder has quickly been able to make solid traction with young professionals and college campuses since launching in October. By eliminating the fear of rejection, its subtle approach has allowed it to penetrate beyond the typical tech-fixated early-adopters and extend its reach.

Although it requires a Facebook login and uses this to establish a sense of trust, nothing is ever shared on the social network. The app matches you with others nearby that it thinks you may want to know. Users can anonymously “Like” the person or skip to the next suggestion. Only when both users indicate interest are they connected and allowed to message one another within the app’s chat.

The initial success can likely be attributed to its simplicity as well as the fact that more emphasis is placed on the user’s social circle then interests. Certainly not the first app of its kind, but its early growth may be a clear indication that the timing is right. Expect it to continue sweeping younger audiences off their feet.

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