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Facebook announces new pages structure for global brands

Facebook has announced Global Pages this week, a new structure that provides localized experiences for brand fans around the world. Facebook users will be directed to the most locally relevant version of a page based on the country those users are in. Here they will be able to see localized cover photos, profile photos, apps, milestones, profile information, and news feed stories.

Here’s how product marketing manager Kelly Winters describes the changes on the Facebook Studio blog.

One global brand identity. Users from all countries will see the same Page name (translated into their local language), fan count, and People Talking About This (PTAT).

One URL. Brands can promote a single URL in all off-Facebook campaigns, and users will be automatically directed to the best version of the Page for them.

Global insights. Admins of the main Page will see insights for all global users in one easy-to-view dashboard.

This structure works for brands that historically have managed one single Page with geo-targeted page posts, as well as for brands that have managed multiple, country-specific Pages. For example, the Dove team from Unilever transitioned from operating one single Page using the geo-targeting feature to creating new, localized Pages that maximize their global scale while still providing local relevance.”

Is Color about to be acquired by Apple?

Color Labs, the up-and-down photo-and-video-sharing social network may be about to be acquired by Apple. Insiders cite patents and Color’s hot engineering team as reason for the deal being done.

More on TNW.

Instagram adds username translation for Twitter sharing

In order to create simpler sharing across platforms, Instagram has added a new feature that translates the names of people you share photos with on Twitter to their Twitter name – even if their Instagram name is not the same. This is how Instagram explain the rules on their blog:

If the @mentioned user has connected Instagram to Twitter:

1. The user’s Instagram username will appear in the photo caption
2. The user’s Twitter username will appear in the tweet

If the @mentioned user has not connected Instagram to Twitter:

1. The user’s Instagram username will appear in the photo caption
2. The @ sign will be removed from the username when shared to Twitter

Facebook retires Questions

This week, Facebook announced they would be shutting down key elements of Facebook Questions – the “Quora killer” that never was. The Questions Dashboard and poll sharing to the news feed are being removed. Questions will still be available in Groups and Pages, and old questions won’t be deleted. At least not for now.

Klout perks come to iPhone

This week, Klout updated its iPhone application to allow members to receive rewards on their phones and add an influence identification card to Apple’s Passbook app. The app user can check out offered perks, receive notifications for perks that he or she qualifies for, and claim perks from inside the app.

Members can choose to add a Klout card to Passbook in the latest version of the app which displays a person’s name, photo, and score, and includes a QR code to use at places providing Klout members with special access or services.

Thus far, Klout has issued 800,000 perks to members through more than 450 partnerships and will hope this integration keeps their numbers healthy and growing.

Read more on Venture Beat.

Skype hits 45 million users in a single day

Skype’s just released some growth figures for its peer-to-peer voice/video/chat service this year. Last week, Skype reached a new peak of 45,469,977 concurrent users online and has seen an increase of 70 percent so far in 2012, compared to growth of around 30 percent for the same period in 2011.

Coke Zero gives commuters the 007 experience

A great idea well executed. A Coke machine at a London train station challenged punters to race to platform 7 within 70 seconds, all the while dodging staged incidents reminiscent of an action movie chase scene. Over 1.3 million views in two days and sure to keep rising.

Pheed gets a million new users. Not all of them happy

Pheed launched in August but this week piled on over a million new users. Pheed offers similar sharing features as you’d find on most other social platforms. The main difference is that you can charge your readers to access your content. Forbes has called it “Twitter with a business plan”. How much is a paid subscription to your content? You can set it to be anywhere from $1.99 to $34.99 and you’re then paid 50% of any gross earnings from your subscriptions.

In the flurry of new user sign ups, Twitter blocked user access to its app. The reasons for that are still being investigated but may be to do with new user complaints that the site has been auto-posting messages onto Twitter on their behalf.

LinkedIn updates user profiles

Hot on the heels of its overhaul of company pages, LinkedIn’s now turned its eye to the profile pages of its 175+ million users. They’ve redesigned on the principle that the more you give, the more you get. The more data users supply, the better the visualization and exploration of their connections on the network. This, LinkedIn is hoping, will encourage more people to share more of themselves on the platform.

Read more on TechCrunch.

Red Bull Stratos jumps into the record books

Will he? Won’t he? Finally the much anticipated 250,000 ft jump happened. More than eight million viewers tuned into YouTube‘s live video stream of Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull sponsored leap and #SpaceJump, #RedBull and #FelixBaumgartner all trended on Twitter. Amazing.

And to add a comedic spin, enter team CoCo and Slim Jim with this video response – the world’s shortest free fall.

YouTube launches Campaigns

YouTube released Campaigns on Friday. Campaigns are tool for non-profits looking to more effectively spread the word on YouTube. Campaigns consist of one or more videos with a thermometer graphic overlay, indicating the campaigns’ progress and encouraging user sharing. There is also a new Campaign tab, which shows up on the non-profit’s channel.

Twitter to host virtual festival

Twitter announced on their blog this week that the platform will play host to a five-day Twitter Fiction Festival, which it’s calling “a virtual storytelling celebration held entirely on Twitter”. The Twitter Fiction Festival (#twitterfiction) will feature creative experiments in storytelling from authors around the world.

Anyone can submit their idea. All you need to do is pitch the idea via the festival submission form.

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