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Stay aHead: StyleSaint, TypeScript, and Wantful

by Eric Kramer on 02 October 2012

Social stuff you need to know about, now.

StyleSaint does Lumia

When it comes to tech, the fashion vertical continues to extend itself far beyond the runway and you don’t have to be a self-proclaimed fashionista to get involved. One of the more unique startups in the space, StyleSaint, has just released an official mobile app exclusively for Nokia’s Lumia devices in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Users are able to browse the latest fashion trends, clip the content they like the most, and create elegant “StyleBooks” to share or embed across their networks. Additionally, the StyleSaint staff pushes out their own curated trends, tips and guides several times a week to satisfy your fashion fix. With future plans to leverage all of this collective fashion data to develop a product line, expect the app to eventually integrate seamless purchasing too.


In an effort to make JavaScript development more scalable, Microsoft has officially released TypeScript. The new programming language is seeking to simplify the creation of large-scale JavaScript-based applications – an increasingly prevalent trend. As a typed superset of JavaScript, it combines best practices and enables great tooling experiences for writing on both the client and server-side. Along with a Visual Studio 2012 plugin, the output of its compiler runs on any browser, in any host, and on any operating system. TypeScript may start and end in JavaScript, but it will be up to the developer community to decide whether it has any utility. Take a deeper look for yourself on CodePlex.


Worst. Gift. Ever? We’ve all been victims of that familiar scenario. But after launching earlier this year, gift-giving service Wantful is tackling the problem and looking to capitalize on their corporate offering this holiday season. Once a little clarity about the recipient’s taste is provided, users can create personalized catalogs comprised of sixteen choices for any occasion at a specific price point. A beautifully designed catalog is then sent out, complete with a redemption code to indicate the selection.

Instead of diluting the experience with gift cards, this tangible insta-gifting helps to really increase your chances of delivering a highly desirable item. Finding the right gift can often be challenging and, assuming one of the sixteen is a winner, Wantful provides a gratifying solution for everyone involved. Every detail from the selection process to the packaging has a strong emphasis on the personal touch; users of the corporate offering also receive “Concierge” phone and email support for putting a program together. As long as it can continue to offer unique and exceptional products, expect to see the team really scale its business this quarter.

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