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Stay aHead: SeeSaw, Peek and Pinalytics

by Eric Kramer on 16 October 2012

Step up your social swag with this rundown of fresh innovation…

See what I Saw

When it comes to social media, a strong visualization can really make all the difference and the team at NYC-based Internet Media Labs is looking to empower highly visual content discovery. With the recent release of SeeSaw, the startup is transforming hashtags and topics of interest on Twitter into easily digestible eye candy.

Instead of your typical single-column text, users are presented with a colorful stream of tweets containing inline images and videos in a Pinterest-esque layout. Slow-motion auto-scrolling, key phrase highlighting, and single-click saving helps to make consuming or collecting the relevant content a seamless process. Save and share what is important by either clicking the “Saw” button on each tweet or using the handy bookmarklet to create curated collections for future reference. With the exceptional utility of this visual format, expect to see increased usage as it poses a significant threat to existing tools for tracking real-time conversations and events such as TweetChat.


There’s plenty of beneficial disruption in the travel industry when it comes to flights and hotels. However, filling up your daily itinerary can often be a tedious process depending on your holiday destination. Spending time sifting through guidebooks and online reviews won’t change the fact that many small businesses lack any sort of online booking or reservation systems. Officially making its public debut last week, Peek is looking to solve this problem by connecting travelers with quality local businesses recommended from a team of trusted experts.

Users can sort through handpicked activities by interest such as family, food, or adventure presented in a beautiful magazine-style layout. The mix of smart editorial content with the convenience of e-commerce makes for a great value proposition as well as a lucrative business model. In addition to taking between a 15 and 30 percent cut of referrals, Peek offers websites and booking services to any businesses that need them.

Currently limited to California and Hawaii, the team plans on expanding its destinations globally in the near future. Solving a clear disconnect in a massive addressable market, expect to see Peek carve out a considerable piece of the industry pie if it can break through its competition with enough momentum.


Although Pinterest has yet to roll out its own analytics or insights offering, there are several startups looking to make moves in the space (including Pinfluencer) and the latest newcomer to join the party is Pinalytics. Free to use in its current state, the tool may lack the detailed metrics and power of its paid alternatives, but it certainly serves as a great starting point.

With a basic interface, users can search across pins, boards, or people for a keyword and receive the top 50 results as well as track how well a pin performed across other popular social networks. A solid addition to assisting with content strategy, expect to see this become widely used for quick analysis and quenching curiosity. It will need to be priced competitively and develop more advanced functionality if it plans to turn a profit.

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