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One week on, I’m still processing all the amazing events and ideas that made up Social Media Week Berlin. 1000heads Germany teamed up with Nokia and Deskwanted to create and support some of the highlights of this year’s agenda that made #SMWBerlin Germany’s biggest free web conference.

It all started with the Official Opening Party on the first day of a week-long conference like no other. The organisers chose an amazing venue that just opened this summer – Berlin’s radio station FluxFM’s “FluxBau”. Nokia supported the party with a competition in which participants were able to win drinks by tweeting the right hashtags. The game mechanism was perfect for attendants of the conference since everyone was carrying at least one smartphone ; #longdrinks was soon trending locally. Both floors of FluxBau were buzzing and the online conversation was full of appreciation.

This certainly wasn’t the only creative use of Twitter during the week. The next day our team set out to create the first real-world graffiti Twitterwall in Berlin (or possibly the world). On behalf of Nokia, we hired Herr von Bias, one of Berlin’s most talented graffiti artists, and ‘retweeted’ a whole day’s tweets on a big white wooden canvas stuck onto Social Media Week Berlin’s art and entertainment venue. In a wonderful synchrony between the physical and the virtual, our graffiti tweets were promptly retweeted back into social.

We continued mashing things up the next day at the world premiere of the ‘Instant Start-Up Show‘. Here, three teams competed to deliver the best start-up idea by combining existing concepts from Berlin start-ups into a new and unique proposition. The winning team combined concepts from an on-demand books service, a social travelling company and a social book sharing start-up to create ‘Crowded Planet’: a vending machine where travellers headed to a particular location can access a database of crowdsourced stories and facts and print out a personalised travel guide based on their interests. It was a compelling and timely idea, in recognition of which each member of the team was awarded a brand new Nokia Lumia smartphone.

We wanted to make the end of such a week memorable, so at Nokia’s Silent House Disco we handed out Lumia smartphones and headphones for everyone to rock out to a variety of Nokia Music playlists. With sell-out registrations, we knew that we’d have a full house, but when the eager silent dancers showed no signs of slowing down after several hours we had to bring the lights up to ensure the main event DJ got a look in.

The overall message of the week was brilliantly summed up by a poster outside the venue which was promptly tweeted and in turn transformed into graffiti: “Please, don’t talk to me about social media”. In other words – less talk more action. It’s a great mantra to take away.

A big thank you to the incredibly dedicated team at Deskwanted Berlin for helping make it all happen.

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