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Social media around the world

by Molly Flatt on 01 October 2012

When talking about social media and business, it’s all too easy to focus on the UK and the US. They’re the regions that shout the loudest at the shiniest conferences (and the fact that they shout in English does, of course, help).  But maintaining a global perspective on word of mouth is essential.

Our teams in Sydney, Berlin and Vancouver do work just as (some would say more) innovative as those in London and New York. The hugely varied backgrounds and language skills of all our staff – just the table I’m currently sitting at, for example, is made up of French, Spanish, Czech, English and Lebanese ‘heads – enable us to adapt to the different cultural triggers, taboos and mores of conversation in different countries.

We’ve also made it a bit of a mission to avoid the same-old self-congratulatory London and NYC based social media conferences and to look further afield.

This Thursday, I will be presenting a keynote on ‘7 Uncomfortable Social Media Truths’ in Cartagena, at the XVII Congreso Colombiana de Publicidad. South America is a region where incredible work is being done by brands in social media, and it’s always useful to catch up on the latest case studies and trends.

Then in November I’ll once again be heading up the International Panel at the WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) Summit in Las Vegas, discussing the struggles and opportunities for brands deploying global social media strategies with the likes of Natalia Perez, Senior Brand Manager in Colombia for Coca-Cola, and Craig Hepburn, Global Director of Digital and Social Media at Nokia.

Over in Sydney, our Australian CEO Joanne will be hitting up Funnel, a conference specifically focusing on marketing for B2B, and the Faculty Marketing Innovation Conference, where she’ll be looking at opportunities to use social media in higher education across the world.

But if you can’t get along to these far-flung events, why not start with this helpful deck from our good friend Steven van Belleghem. It’s a handy overview of global social media trends, with 5 eye-catching insights on the status of social media and more than 2.000 facts & figures about social media in 19 countries. Topics cover main adoption and usage, interactions of consumers with brands, impact of branded conversations, evolution of mobile and the opportunities for structural collaboration between consumers and brands.


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