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The Nokia Gift Machine

by Riccardo Webb on 23 October 2012

1000heads built one of the world’s first Foursquare powered vending machines.

“The goal was to inspire people with a new and innovative way to blend social media and the real world.” Mike Rowe, CEO of 1000heads.

Today, the machine has managed to accumulated over 3,500+ check-ins, been installed at 8 key events around the globe and even landed in a Dubai retail store to help promote Nokia products and accessories where it matters most.

So how does the machine work?

When people approached the machine, they can open up Foursquare on any smartphone device and see the aptly named Nokia Gift Machine as a location on Foursquare. Then, by checking-in to the machine it would automatically dispense a free gift in a Nokia branded canister… no buttons, no coins… it really was that simple. See our hands-on demonstration below:

What we soon realized is that the machine gave us a fun way to distribute the Nokia brand message and put more of its products in people’s hands…all for the price of a check-in.

So, the machine began its world tour, traveling to various locations around the globe including Cannes Lions, Mobile World Congress, Nokia World and the Film Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles where the machine had its first celebrity check-in.

The final installation of the gift machine was seen in a Nokia retail store in the Mall of The Emirates in Dubai. What set this particular machine a part from the rest, was the fact that it could be activated via NFC technology, which meant we could showcase one of the key features of the Nokia N9 using a hands on experience that rewarded them with a free set of Nokia headphones on any device purchase.

“The Nokia Gift Machine is testament to our efforts to creatively link the online elements of social media along with offline tactics. The machine has already proven hugely popular with trade audiences, and we are confident consumers will feel the same way,” Tamer Elliethy, Digital Marketing Manager, Lower Gulf, Nokia

“Location-based technology and vending machines seem like a natural match, but Nokia is among the first, perhaps the first, to make the connection.” Todd Wasserman, Mashable

All in all, we had a lot of fun creating this one of a kind machine, and will continue to research and develop new innovative ways of bringing brands and people closer together.

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