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Is your brand conversation honest?

by Molly Flatt on 15 October 2012

As we all know, trust is the currency of social sharing, conversation and recommendation. The value of peer to peer content – as opposed to advertising or corporate content – lies in its independence, and the fact that it comes from likeminded people whose opinions we trust.

This means that when Dan Ariely – one of the world’s leading voices on human motivation and behaviour – teams up with RSA Animate to produce a video lecture about what drives honesty, how to spot it, and the implications that dishonesty has on society at large, we at 1000heads sit up and listen. Watch it below and then have a look at a few questions we’ve come up with that might help apply these insights in a brand context.


  • How biased or salesy is your content in social media?
  • Do you encourage your customers to give honest feedback?
  • Might it seem like a sign of strength, not weakness, if you ask what you could do better?
  • Might being more honest yourselves – admitting your failings, responding to negative word of mouth without being defensive, apologising, showing how you’d like improve – actually boost your reputation and buzz?


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