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Twitter drops RSS but launches new timeline tools

Twitter announced their new API on Wednesday and has dropped support for RSS. Many still use RSS to pull user timeline data and display feeds but all will dry up in March 2013.

The upside is Twitter seems to acknowledge that people want easy to use, non oAuth solutions for accessing its data. Enter Twitter’s new embedded timelines. Here’s what Sylvain Carle says on the Twitter dev blog.

“With one line of HTML you can deliver any account’s Tweets, favorites, a list, search query or #hashtag directly to your website. Embedded timelines are interactive, enabling visitors to reply, retweet and favorite Tweets, follow your accounts, and Tweet directly to you all without leaving the page. The auto-expand photos option brings the photo front and center in the timeline, and you can expand Tweets just like you would on twitter.com to see cards, and retweet and favorites counts. These new tools are built specifically for the web: they load fast, scale with your traffic as your audience grows, update in real-time, and work great in modern, legacy, and mobile browsers.”

Read more on Programmable Web.

Adobe Social launches

This week Adobe launched Adobe Social which it is positioning as a way to measure the financial performance of social campaigns. According to Senior Product Manager, Jeff Jordan, the tool will not only help measure the purchase path from Twitter and Facebook but also which pinned images on Pinterest are driving sales. Bold claims.

Additional to measurement, the tool also enables users to create apps and content via a drag and drop interface straight onto Facebook, Twitter and G+.

More on TechCrunch.

LinkedIn redesigns company pages

Following its recent design overhaul, LinkedIn has continued the clean up with redesigned LinkedIn company pages. Earlybird access has already been granted to Philips, Citi, HP and Dell. Here’s the lowdown for members and companies:

For members

1. Company updates are front and center, enabling you to quickly comment, like, or share relevant company updates with your professional network.
2. Company Pages now available via LinkedIn’s iPhone, Android and iPad apps

For companies

1. Easily add an image that best represents their company and brand
2. Share status updates and job opportunities with other members on LinkedIn
3. Better navigation facilities to showcase products, services and career opps
4. New look career pages for select companies like Unilever and AMEX

Read more on the LinkedIn blog.

Facebook and Instagram tie the knot

And finally the deal is sealed. Instagram moves to Menlo with $300 million in cash and a chunk of Facebook stock. This all equates to circa $735 million or so – leaving them shy of the $1 billion reported deal due to Facebook’s stock devaluation.

To celebrate the completion, Instagram announced the news just as it smashed through the five billion shared photos barrier. Instagram has also acquired a reported 50 million new users since news of the FB deal was announced. Big numbers. A Facebook spokesperson commented that Facebook are committed to developing Instagram independently.

Read more on the Facebook newsroom.

Apple to create Pandora rival?

Apple may be in talks to license music for a custom-radio service similar Pandora. News of Apple’s potential play potential saw Pandora’s shares closed 17% down on Friday. According to the rumours, it will be optimized for Apple’s hardware and not run on Google but may be compatible with Windows OS.

Read more on WSJ.

Twitter launches ‘get started’ featured pages

As the new NFL season kicks off in the US, Twitter has released a ‘get started’ featured page. On it you can find and connect with all 32 teams’ official accounts, search for coaches, fans and NFL hashtags.

Twitter unveiled the new page layout on their blog on Wednesday and is part of a strategic move into areas of content curation and discovery. They clearly don’t want others doing it instead and had already signalled this approach back in March when Twitter events pages were launched with Nascar as its first brand sponsor. Expect to see more curation and discovery features launched by Twitter in the near future and more brands and franchises jumping in.

Tumblr reveals new look mobile blog

Tumblr revealed a new look mobile blog on Wednesday that it says is designed for “for faster browsing, cleaner reading, and easier sharing”. With it you can reblog from the home page, share via other channels like FB and Twitter, see full width images, take advantage of infitine scrolling without pagination. Additionally, it now has support for pages.

See more on the Tumblr staff blog.

Social drives younger viewers to TV

This week, a new survey released by Horowitz Associates has found that social media “disproportionately impacts the viewing behaviors of younger consumers”. According to the research, 24% of 18-34 year old viewers and 30% of 15-17 year olds have started watching a show on TV “because of something they saw online or through social media”, compared with only 16% of all adults. Additionally, nearly 30% of for 15-17 year olds say social media reminds them to tune in to shows they’d otherwise miss.

“Harnessing the power of social media and social interactivity with TV is essential in order to keep younger viewers engaged with the live TV experience”, says Adriana Waterston, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Horowitz.

Read more on the Horowitz site.

Klout now shows your influential moments

Launched last month (and covered previously on our week in social roundup), Klout revealed its upcoming Your Moments feature. Your Moments are social actions that boost your Klout score and now they are now available for Klout users to see and filter.

With Your Moments you can check out your most influential moments over the past 90 days. You can see the posts and people who engaged with them, sort Your Moments by network, hide moments from your profile if you don’t want others to see them and browse friends’ moments.

Klout CEO and co-founder Joe Fernandez say that the latest Klout is “the most comprehensive and accurate model we’ve ever released. We’re now incorporating over 400 signals from seven networks. We’re measuring over 12 billion inputs per day, compared to only 1 billion in our last update”.

Read more on Social Times.

Nike loses appeal over Rooney #makeitcount tweet

Wayne Rooney tweeted in January: “My resolution – to start the year as a champion, and finish it as a champion….#makeitcount gonike.me/makeitcount”. Nike then had the campaign chopped in June as the ASA investigated a complaint that challenged whether the campaign tweets were identifiable as marketing.

This week, the ASA ruled that in the absence of a marker, for example #ad, the tweets were not obviously identifiable as Nike marketing communications and therefore breached the CAP Code rules.

Read more on Campaign.

Coke becomes first retail brand to break 50 million fan mark

And to celebrate, Coke has released an app that encourages their 50 million fans to submit ideas for inventions and causes that can help change the world. Sometime next year, the winning idea will be unveiled and Coke will make it happen.

Read more on Mashable.

Spreecast raises $7 million for broadcastable video chats

Spreecast is an embeddable video chat service that allows the conversation to be broadcast.
With Spreecast, you can set up chats with up to four people and then broadcast it to as many people as you want. Unlike Google+ (its main rival according to founder), Spreecast is embeddable on any website and integrates Twitter and Facebook sharing.

It’s just raised a $7 Series A so expect to be hearing more. With Airtime launching recently and with such poor numbers, it will be interesting to see whether Spreecast can build the desired momentum.

Read more on GigaOm.

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