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The week in social: Gangnam, Snapseed and Social Good

by Mike Davison on 23 September 2012

Here’s our weekly round up stories from across the social web…

Twitter to remove 3rd party image hosting from official apps

Another move towards controlling the content by Twitter? In the next round of updates, it’s thought that Twitter will not allow images hosted on 3rd party sites to display in the official Twitter clients.

According to the Twitpic founder, Noah Everett, “They’re trying to control those eyeballs on their apps; they’re an ad-based company, they make money that way.”

More on BuzzFeed.

Google buys Snapseed

Hot on the heels of the Facebook Instagram deal, Google’s picked up its own photo app – the Instagram’esque Snapseed. News came on the day Google+ announced it had reached 400 million sign-ups and 100 million active users.

More on Inc.

Vox.io hits a million users

Vox.io takes your phone number and changes it into a hyperlink, which you can add controls to and share around. It’s now launching a version which allows users to Facebook chat with their friends from inside Vox.io. Friends can also call into Voxio just by hitting a link. Right now there are free calls between Vox.io users on iOS version and free group calls for up to five people via desktop.

Dropbox for iOS get social sharing

In its latest updates, Dropbox has added Facebook and Twitter sharing options. Sharing support was initially limited to email and copy to clipboard but, with the update, content can also be thrown over the social fence with a simple click.

Although launched on the iOS, expect updates for all other mobile platforms soon.

More on The TheNextWeb.

Telefonica announces Aurasma tie-in

The telecoms giant is planning on using Aurasma to enhance ad offerings to its 300 million customers. Aurasma, which was created by Autonomy, allows print and outdoor advertising to trigger interactive content through mobile apps. Telefónica suggests that the functionality would plug into its location-based marketing and mobile couponing services.

Telefónica Digital ad chief Shaun Gregory comments: “Augmented reality has the potential to fundamentally change advertising, transforming current static formats and introducing new levels of interactivity.”

Here’s one of Aurasma’s latest promos with GQ to give you a flavour.

Social Good summit hits NYC

This weekend saw the Social good Summit kick off in NYC. Here’s a precis from the microsite on the aims and direction of the conference.

“The Social Good Summit is a three-day conference where big ideas meet new media to create innovative solutions. Held during UN Week from September 22-24, the Social Good Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders to discuss a big idea: the power of innovative thinking and technology to solve our greatest challenges. The most innovative technologists, influential minds and passionate activists will come together with one shared goal: to unlock the potential of new media and technology to make the world a better place, and then to translate that potential into action.”

Speakers this year included Jimmy Whales, founder of Wikipedia, Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable, Kathy Calvin, CEO of the UN foundation and author Deepak Chopra.

Gartner Says By 2014, 10-15 percent of social media reviews to be fake, paid for by companies

This week, Gartner released their statistical predictions on the proliferation of so called ‘fake’ peer reviews in social media.

Paid social media ratings and reviews are to make up 10 to 15 percent of all reviews by 2014, according to Gartner, Inc. However, analysts predict that increased media attention on fake social media ratings and reviews will result in at least two Fortune 500 brands facing litigation from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the next two years.

Jenny Sussin, senior research analyst at Gartner says: “With over half of the Internet’s population on social networks, organizations are scrambling for new ways to build bigger follower bases, generate more hits on videos, garner more positive reviews than their competitors and solicit ‘likes’ on their Facebook pages,”.

Read more on Gartner.

Twitter launches lifeline in Japan

Twitter just launched a feature in Japan called Lifeline. It allows Japanese users of Twitter to use their post code to find local accounts that are important to follow in emergencies. This is what Jinen Kamdar has to say on the Twitter blog.

“To find and follow essential local accounts in Japan, people simply search their postal code on twitter.com. If there’s an earthquake in the Aobadai district of Yokohama, for instance, people can use Lifeline to find a variety of timely accounts — those tweeting about the earthquake and sharing updates from the district (Aobada), city (Yokohama), and prefecture (Kanagawa) governments; they can also find accounts from local media and utility companies providing information about gas, water or electricity. Of course, Japanese users can also set up notifications to receive Tweets from these accounts on their mobile devices.”

“Lifeline is currently available only in Japan, where we have joined the Prime Minister’s Lifeline Commission and worked with local and regional governments to surface the best, most relevant accounts for several postal codes. Since Twitter often becomes a de facto lifeline during crises everywhere, we hope to eventually expand this functionality to more locations around the world.”

Microsoft breaks app dev world record

On Friday in Bangalore, 2,567 devs worked over 18 hour session, building apps on the Windows 8 platform. The event set a Guinness World Record for the planet’s largest ever app development marathon. Armed with their own laptops running Windows 8 RTM and Visual Studio Express 2012, app ideas were accepted in 20 categories, including business, education, finance, games, music & video, productivity, social and sports.

Read more on TNW.

Korean rapper breaks YouTube world record

Guinness World Records announced Friday morning that Psy’s Gangnam Style broke the record for Most likes on YouTube with 2,141,758. That breaks the previous record set by LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem (1,574,963), Justin’s Bieber’s Baby (1,327,147) and Adele’s Rolling in the Deep (1,245,641). It’s now about to break through the 250 million barrier.

Guinness World Records Community Manager, Dan Barrett, said: “Having been the ‘Have you seen this?!’ video of the last two months across the web, it’s great to be able to award a record for this tremendously popular video. In years past it was unthinkable that something would be viewed a hundred million times, and now “Gangnam Style” has achieved more than twice this figure in just three months on YouTube.”

Facebook to add search history

Facebook today announced that it will start including search history in users’ activity logs and will be rolling out the feature in the next few weeks. The feature allows for users to view and delete all or some of their past searches. Search activity has always been private, but now Facebook is giving users an option to delete certain queries they make. This suggests Facebook may be planning to give users the option of making their searches public in future although the move may simply be about giving users more control as it tests Sponsored Results search-based ads.

More on Inside Facebook.

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