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Stay aHead: Referly, Flightfox and Lumia launch

by Eric Kramer on 05 September 2012

Another week’s selection of platforms and tech developments to keep you up to speed.


Since the release of its public beta back in May, Referly has attempted to democratize the world of affiliate revenue, allowing any ordinary consumer to earn a commission from product recommendations. Users create trackable links to share across their networks and receive a kickback of around 5 percent on any sales that are generated. Fresh out of Y Combinator, founder Danielle Morrill and team have continued the “affiliate-for-everyone” concept and have expanded its efforts to targeting businesses.

After launching an API last month, the startup now offers a turnkey solution for companies to design and deliver their own incentive programs. With a fully customizable reward structure, the referral network motivates supporters to do anything from recruit new customers, upgrade to a premium membership, signup for a newsletter, or countless other desired actions in exchange for cash, gift cards, discount codes, etc. The system is based on pre-paid deposits where the company must determine how much it will pay for each action ahead of time to be debited by Referly on a pay-per-action basis. The API can be implemented in minutes allowing companies to measure the impact of the new referrals on sales. Already boasting a massive list of merchants, expect to see this promising platform capitalize on software-as-a-service providers.

Flight Hackers

When it comes to booking flights, finding the best deal can often be a nightmare, particularly when it comes to lengthy international and multi-city trips. Flightfox is platform for crowd-sourced flight search seeking to enable more efficient and cost-effective traveling. Users are able to create “travel contests” with a small finder’s fee starting at around $19 for a marketplace of real-life flight experts to compete against one another on a quest for the best deal. Whether its stealthy strategies to cut fees and surcharges, utilizing frequent flyer points, or navigating complex routes, the finder’s fee is money well spent and could save you some serious cash. With plans to tackle corporate flights, expect this human-powered approach to continue its growth for as long as it can scale.

Lumia launch

Our client Nokia has just revealed its next generation of Lumia devices at a special event with Microsoft in New York. The 920 handset will be its new flagship Windows Phone complete with top-draw hardware specs, Qi-compatible wireless charging capabilities, NFC, and an amazing PureView camera. With a 4.5-inch 720p HD display and a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, this is sure to be a hot commodity for providers and consumers alike.

Beyond the hardware, there are plenty of integrations with services such as Skype, Outlook, and Xbox as well as additional customization options for the homescreen tiles. The battle for mobile market share continues to heat up and, with innovative devices like this, expect to see WP8 quickly earn its piece of the pie.

Follow the news via the #SwitchToLumia hashtag.

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