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Stay aHead: Dekko, Livebolt and HeatData

by Eric Kramer on 11 September 2012

Platforms, tools, upgrades, news… your weekly social smörgåsbord.



Apps leveraging AR (Augmented Reality) technology may have become more prevalent in recent months, but most lack any sort of real-world awareness, breaking the virtual illusion for users. Dekko is looking to solve this dilemma with its context-aware platform for creating AR apps.

Developers are able to easily take into account a user’s location and surroundings as well as the spatial movement of the device. More significantly, developers will no longer need to become AR wizards before being able to include this powerful functionality into their latest projects. With patents pending, over 40+ content partners, and strong support on the distribution side from smartphone manufacturers to chipset makers, expect this platform to become the desirable weapon of choice when it comes to AR development.


This year’s TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon did not disappoint as 147 teams took the stage to compete for a spot in the official Startup Battlefield. In the end, after hours of coding, it was the team behind Livebolt that took home the $5K grand prize.

Their impressive hardware hack, along with a supporting mobile app, functions as a cloud-based identity management system for unlocking doors. Consisting of a $60 block that attaches on the back of a door’s lock, users are able to gain entry with the app once they have been authenticated. This dramatically simplifies the key exchange process and allows users to securely grant or gain access in a highly cost-effective manner. Expect to see a strong showing from Livebolt during the remainder of the startup competition.


Hacked together by one caffeinated product manager from Yammer, HeatData describes itself as “mobile analytics for everything beyond the click.” By tracking gestures such as swipes, double-taps, zooms, and scrolls, it allows site and app owners to determine exactly how users are interacting on their mobile presences.

Unlike several other existing A/B testing services, the gesture data that is logged with this analytics tool tells an impressively complete story, providing extra actionable recommendations for optimization. Despite being only an early prototype, with its strong value proposition and massive addressable market, this Hackathon Runner-Up may just be in store for an early exit.

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