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Meet us @ Social Media Week London

by Molly Flatt on 24 September 2012

Yes, the joyful madness which is Social Media Week London is upon us once more, with doubtless the usual mix of the sublime, the ridiculous and everything in between. This year, rather asking people to come to us, we’ve decided to spread ourselves across London giving presentations, speaking on panels and asking provocative questions. #SMWLDN can be overwhelming, and we’ve been careful to get involved in events we think will have genuine value to brands, social practitioners and the public.

So check out the list below of where 1000heads people will be this week and do take this chance to meet us, connect with us, ask us questions and hustle us for a drink on the company credit card.

Tuesday, 4pm: ‘Social Consumerization of the WorkplaceAs most business managers , CTOs and CIOs now know, there is nothing they can do to stop the use and introduction of social tools and technologies into the workplace. Whether it’s for purely personal use or otherwise, the modern workforce is now constantly texting, updating, messaging and connecting. And just as the growth of personal use of social media in the workplace can be perceived as a threat to business efficiency, so also does their use for connecting professionally outside of normal working hours represent a significant opportunity for those business managers prepared to embrace and integrate the personal technology needs, wants and wishes of their workforce.

I will be speaking as part of this panel produced by the good folks at Like Minds, alongisde Will Koch from LinkedIn, Madlen Nicolaus from Salesforce, Lee Bryant from Dachis Group and Guy Stephens from Capgemini. Please do join us there or follow the discussion via the #LikeMinds hashtag.

Wednesday, 3pm: ‘Integrating Social Media: Some Best In Class Examples: Social media campaigns now stretch far beyond marketing or community development. Increasingly, organisations are integrating their social media campaigns into wider communications campaigns, reaching out to a variety of stakeholders. This year’s Digital Impact Awards, the UK’s biggest celebration of excellence in digital stakeholder engagement, has seen a vast increase both in the quantity and quality of entries, particularly in the category for Best use of existing social media. Communicate magazine, the organisers of the Digital Impact Awards, and Mynewsdesk, the leading online newsroom provider, have invited three companies who have made the shortlist for this year’s awards event to share the secrets of what worked when they integrated social media into their comms campaigns.

Alongside case studies from bmibaby and Nissan, Robbie will be presenting our award-winning work with Skype, which enabled users to create personalised video messages with their favourite musicians using the Say It with Skype Facebook app – the PR launch involved various social media, including Twitter. To date this created over 86 million impressions. Not to be missed.

Thursday, 9.30am: ‘Data-Driven Fashion and the Death of Trends‘: The vast amount of data held by retailers and credit card companies has been the preserve of companies large enough to employ boffins to manage it. The rise of social networks and the enormous amount of freely available behavioural data, known as big data, has the potential to turn the industry upside down.What about the trendsetters? A cabal of fashionistas dictating taste and style, or self-organising groups on social networks? What can the data really tell you, and can it predict what will be in Vogue? Or Elle, or Grazia?  Are there really trends any more, or have we seen the death of the mega-trend as interests fragment between groups that can easily form using social technologies?Our expert panel will showcase the possibilities that the data provides for the business with expert analysis, discussion and debate about the impact on trends across the fashion industry with plenty of opportunity for the audience to get involved. 

I’ll be taking part in this panel and also contributing to Q&A and other insights session throughout the entire first #SMWLDN Fashion Day. After all the social innovation we saw at last week’s London Fashion Week, this should be a really exciting series of events.

As for the rest of us, Michelle will be investigating ‘The Social Business of Food‘ Tuesday 11.30am. Meg will be hitting up ‘Socialising the Internet of Things‘ Wednesday 4pm and, of course, the ‘Official Closing Party‘ Thursday 7.30pm.

See you there!

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