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You’re a heritage British brand that makes shampoo. You have a new range to launch, which you hope will introduce your products to a whole new generation. But how on earth can you make washing your hair conversational?

That was the brief for 1000heads from Vosene. The social hook for the campaign was born from a simple insight: everyone loves singing in the shower. It’s the secret pleasure that gives a little buzz to many people’s morning routine and that unites us even when we are alone, lathering away. It’s more popular than ever thanks to shows such as Pop Idol encouraging our inner wannabe-diva. And we decided that Vosene’s new range, with its set of uplifting scents, was the ultimate accessory for the modern shower serenader.

A nice idea. But how could we make it truly spread?

By adding crowdsourcing, social platforms, charity, a passion for music and a dash of celebrity . First, we challenged pop legend Duncan James (a self-confessed shower singer) to put his skills to the test.  Then, we crowdsourced lyrics from Vosene fans. Every song Duncan would sing would be entirely original, composed on the day from tweets sent to @VoseneUK. #VoSing Live! was born.

To add an extra uplifting feeling, VoSing Live! also promised that for every follow and tweet namechecking #VoSing during the campaign period, Vosene would donate £2 to the NSPCC.

What happened? Well, we’re pleased to share the news that humble everyday routines make for incredible social bonding experiences. @VoseneUK received over 1,600 requests for shower serenades from Duncan, with thousands of mentions of #VoSing meaning that we reached our goal to donate £10,000.00 to the NSPCC. Twenty-five videos were composed, shot, and shared live on Duncan’s singing day. Every lyric was inspired by tweets covering topics ranging from holidays to anniversaries to confessions of love. And as an extra surprise

TwitPics were sent to the most passionate of Duncan James fans, who also loved our behind the scenes video:

Many of the parents of the music lovers who took part will remember Original Vosene, but thanks to VoSing Live! there are now over a million more people of all ages who have been exposed to the brand. And we got to play with Duncan James and a shower full of ducks.

Shower divas across the UK, we salute you.

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