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It’s been another busy week on the social web. Here’s our highlights…

YouTube tests Moodwall

YouTube is testing a new search feature called Moodwall. With Moodwall, you’ll be able to search for content by vibes like include ‘funny’, ‘fast’, ‘strange’, ‘creative’ and ‘powerful’. It’s not clear if this will become a staple YouTube feature or remain just an experiment. Checking the YouTube forums, it’s fair to say Moodwall is not what you’d call an instant hit.

Thanks to The Verge for the heads up.

Skype releases photo sharing for iOS

This week, Skype introduced photo sharing for iOS. The new feature will let you send photos you’ve shot on your iPad or iPhone directly to friends or family members via Skype. There’s no limit on the size of the file you can send, so you can send photos without reaching email size limits or paying expensive MMS charges.

In addition, Skype has made improvements to the performance of the app which should help users keep Skype running on their mobile devices all the time.

Read Jonathan Watson’s update in full over on Skype’s Big Blog.

Instagram releases third update. Focuses on geo

On the subject of photo sharing, Instagram have also have a busy week, having rolled out the third version of its app on Thursday. As well as smartening up profiles and adding a marker option for comment spam, they’ve also added a photo map feature that allows pictures to be shared on a Google powered interactive world map.

The New York Times reports that only 15 to 25 percent of Instagram users currently add their location to photographs. As this number increases, Instagram sees a future where its users can seamlessly browse images by locations or events, creating an even more powerful storytelling dynamic.

How are marketers using social media?

This week, SEOmoz and HubSpot released their annual report looking at how marketers are using social media. Although Facebook and Twitter were the most popular marketing platforms, what’s surprising is G+’s showing – with nearly 55% of respondents saying they use as part of the marketing mix.

Facebook reveals big stats on big data

Facebook’s released some positively enormous stats on data usage that are well worth a dig through. Facebook’s system now works through 2.5 billion pieces of content and 500+ terabytes of information on any given day. It accumulates 2.7 billion Like actions and users upload over 300 million photos per day. It also scans roughly 105 terabytes of information every half hour.

VP of Engineering Jay Parikh comments: “Big data really is about having insights and making an impact on your business. If you aren’t taking advantage of the data you’re collecting, then you just have a pile of data, you don’t have big data.”

Read more on D4E.

Does Obama have millions of fake followers?

We covered Status People’s new Twitter tool in last week’s instalment of the week in social. It’s being used to dig up some interesting stats on Twitter’s great and good, including President Obama. Obama has nearly 19 million Twitter followers but 70% (approximately 13 million) are fake or inactive according to the tool. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney’s Twitter account has less than 900,000 followers but only 15% (or about 135,000) are considered fakes and 31% (or about 270,000) are categorised as inactive. We await more details of the secret sauce that goes into producing these numbers.

has the story.

Amateur film makers tease the future of AR

With AR becoming an ever more popular ingredient in the creative social marketing mix, this short film has struck a chord with us. Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo published their graduation film this week to a flurry of conversation (inc over 500 comments on their Vimeo channel). It’s a futuristic look at a [perhaps] not so distant future of augmented reality in the every day. With all the Google Glass hubbub recently, it feels all the more possible. Well worth seven minutes of your time.

Lyft picks up

Lyft describes itself as “your friend with a car on demand”. It’s a social taxi service of sorts. Anyone can sign up to be a driver and passengers use the app hail the nearest driver in the vicinity. Each driver is rated (about 5% make it through their tough evaluation criteria) to keep standards high and ensure users know what they’re getting into (literally). Donations replace fares, presumably for legal reasons, and drivers are also able to rate their passengers. New to the service this week will be an android app to compliment its existing iOS version as well as a doubling of drivers. For now, the service will only be available in San Fran so don’t expect miracles in the London drizzle when there are no black cabs around.

Facebook ad exchange doubles partners

One of Facebook’s ongoing struggles is to prove its advertising opportunities work for major brands. As part of this drive, Facebook rolled out Exchange a few months back and has doubled the amount of companies with access to the program.

Facebook Exchange allows brands to retarget Facebook users who’ve previously visited their websites. The cookie is dropped when a person visits a certain webpage; which could be a car dealer or travel website etc. When they hit Facebook at a later stage, Facebook accesses the cookie data and serves up ads relevant to that previous browsing experience. So watch out for Facebook further ‘enhancing’ your on-Facebook experience from data it gathers when you’re not even on Facebook.

Read more on TechCrunch social.

The Dark Knight Rises: How It Should Have Ended’s ending

With 2.6 million views and 45,000+ Likes in three days, here’s HISHE’s uber viral take on the latest Batman movie’s outro scenes.

Gehry to create new Facebook HQ

Facebook has appointed architect Frank Gehry to design the 420,000 square foot extension to Facebook’s campus in Menlo Park, CA. Gehry’s vision will come to life by September 2015 and he says of it, “We’ve got to give them a system that’s not precious, that they can manipulate. We want it to work effortlessly. My goal is a kind of ephemeral connectivity that you can’t take a picture of.”

Picture? He must mean Instagram.

More on Bloomberg.

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