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The most exciting social tools you need under your belt this week.

Facebook posts take aim

Dear community managers, your content calendars may soon be getting a tad more complex. Facebook has begun testing enhanced targeting capabilities for page posts and will be rolling them out to the masses over the next few weeks. This is hugely significant as it will allow savvy marketers to speak differently to strategic subsets of their fans without paying Uncle Zuck.

Region and language were already made available for targeting posts awhile back, but new additions are more granular including gender, age, relationship status, education, and workplace to name a few. Instead of brands focusing their voice strictly on their primary audience, parallel content strategies may become the norm. One important caveat is that all content will still remain visible on the page’s Timeline. Therefore, going overboard with targeted posts is not recommended. However, to keep the clutter at a minimum, admins can always choose to hide targeted posts.

It’s time to take control of your content and ensure that it reaches the proper newsfeeds. Expect this to be a hot topic of conversation and don’t be surprised when interests (aka ‘Likes’) become another mechanism for targeting. In theory, increased relevance will drive engagement. Your ‘Talking About This’ metric won’t know what hit it.

Same-day eBay

As convenience continues to be redefined by technology, many consumers now expect to receive nothing less than instant gratification. It appears eBay has taken a cue from Amazon’s reported push towards same-day shipping and has already started testing the waters.

Currently available only in San Francisco, eBay Now is an iOS app offering residents $5 same-day shipping on purchases from local stores totaling over $25. With a free $15 credit and no delivery charge on the first three orders, this is one beta that many will be anxious to try. Essentially, the chain retailers become the warehouses so that eBay can create its own frictionless customer experience. Don’t be surprised if you see this local commerce experiment spread to NYC in the near future.

Meet Nina

Siri may have stolen the show when Apple debuted the iPhone 4S last year, but its novelty has faded and many owners have forgotten it even exists. There’s no denying the fact that a talking virtual assistant has its perks, but there is certainly still plenty of room for innovation.

Meet Nina, a new suite of technologies from Nuance seeking to help developers bring voice-activated assistants to mobile customer service apps. Ideal for banks, insurance, and travel companies, Nina uses a powerful combination of voice biometrics, speech recognition, and other magical goodness to recognize your voice and simplify your customer service requests. With an SDK (Software Development Kit) – something Siri has failed to release – developers can choose from 40 different voices and give a unique personality to fit the brand. Currently, Nuance is enterprise-focused and targeting large corporations, but expect to see smaller developers jump in as soon as they are given the chance.

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