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Here’s a look at the stories that turned heads in social this week.

LinkedIn gears up for redesign

Given that it’s been years since the last major redesign, LinkedIn is probably just about due a facelift. The changes however, hint at far more than just a new aesthetic. The goal appears to be to make the site more sticky and branch out from ‘professional’ to ‘personal’.

Techcrunch has the story.

1/5th of all sites link to Facebook

Some startling statistics on Facebook’s expansion across the wider www. According to this recent study by Zyxt labs, 22% of all web pages link to Facebook and 8% of pages use Facebook open graph tags in some way.

Marketing Land has more.

Can Tumblr keep it real?

Despite saying last year that ads turned his stomach, Karp’s Tumblr platform recently launched a range of new ad opportunities for brands. New York Times ran an interesting piece earlier in the week on Tumblr’s dilemma: How can it embrace ads without selling out?

Edible QR codes from Taco Bell

QR codes haven’t taken off in the way that some may have hoped. Taco Bell’s solution? Make them edible.

Facebook redesigns ‘events’

Have you offended friends by forgetting their birthdays lately? And are you missing those not-to-be-missed parties? Fear not, Facebook has launched a new events calendar so you can see what’s coming up weeks in advance. It provides a list view that highlights each day’s birthdays, RSVPs, and suggested events.

Wayback machine for Twitter

Love this! ‘Old Tweets’ is tool that allows you to search archived tweets from Twitter’s first year. The creators built an index using API calls in the range of IDs 1-20,000,000. The results are fun and nostalgic with many (unsurprisingly) coming from the founders themselves.

Gymkhana 5 hits YouTube

Another blinder from DC’s Gymkhana series sees Mr Block painting San Fransisco in rubber from the wheels of his 650hp Fiesta.

China leads in mobile social media usage

According to Emarketer’s latest stats, China now has the highest rates of mobile social connectivity in the world. 66% of Chinese accessed social media via their device on a daily basis during March 2012.

See how that compares with the rest of the world at Emarketer.

Spanish social network, Tuenti, opens up to users worldwide

In case you’re not familiar, Tuenti is a Telefonica owned social network in Spain with 13 million users. It finally launched globally on Wednesday, with worldwide users able to sign up by invite only.

NBC partners with Facebook for the Olympics

In a case of ‘you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours’, NBC and Facebook are set to announce an Olympics partnership. Users of Facebook will be reminded about NBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games in London, while viewers of NBC’s coverage will be nudged to talk about the Games on Facebook.

More on the partnership here

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  • bobbell2

    I am interested in edible qr codes from Taco Bell.We’ve seen a website made of bacon, so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that someone has now come up with an edible qrcode.
    As this video demonstrates, the minds at Taco Bell and ad agency
    Draftfcb Orange County have spawned a qr-codes made of lemons and
    avocados. The effort is for Taco Bell’s new Cantina Bell menu, which
    includes gourmet-ish items from chef Lorena Garcia.