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Stay aHead: Tablets, SnipSnap and Condition ONE

by Eric Kramer on 10 July 2012

Which platforms, technologies and trends do you need to know about right now? Let us help.

Tablet Roulette

When it comes to tablets, there is nothing quite like an iPad. Oh come on. You know I’m right.

However, when you take the market leader out of the equation, you’re left with a much tougher purchasing decision. With Google’s release of the Nexus 7, the battle around the $200 price point is really heating up and Amazon seems to be doing everything it can to crank out its new Kindle Fire variants sometime next month. Not to mention that rumours of the allegedly Brazilian-made iPad “Mini” have plenty of consumers thinking twice about committing to anything else.

The whispers of tech media are often misguided, but I fully expect to see a 7 to 8 inch iPad this fall priced between $249 and $299 – this is one gamble I’m willing to wait for.

Seamless Couponing

With $1 million raised to date, Philadelphia-based SnipSnap continues to make traction with over 50k daily active users.

The popular iOS app makes the consumer couponing process more manageable and can save you some serious cash. Simply snap a picture of a printed offer from a newspaper (or direct-mail, advertising etc.) and the app converts it into a digital, mobile format. Complete with expiration-date notifications and in-store reminders, you’re more likely to make use of the coupons you plan on redeeming. It even integrates with RetailMeNot to allow users to report whether or not the coupon worked and to measure its success rate. If more solid brand partnerships can be established quickly, expect to see increased usage, especially once the growing team is able to incorporate manufacturer coupons into its value proposition and release its upcoming Android version.

Condition ONE

In an effort to create a truly immersive viewing experience, Condition ONE has launched a video technology that allows videographers to capture and make the most of their footage – across an 180 degree panorama.

Audiences are able to swipe or tilt through the video using the accelerometer on their iOS device as if they are experiencing the view firsthand, moving beyond traditionally flat video to a more visceral and interactive journey. Unfortunately, Condition ONE will not work with basic point and shoot cameras, but there are plenty of more advanced cameras on the market that are compatible. Filmmakers can transform their video using tools such as Final Cut or Avid, and the company will soon release its own editing software as well as an API for developers to embed the player into iOS apps.

A recent graduate of TechStars NYC, founder Danfung Dennis and team have already managed to raise half a million dollars from Mark Cuban. Take a look at the iPad showcase app and expect publishers along with brands to embrace the potential of this technology.


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