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Looking for some new apps and platforms to leverage? Here’s a quick roundup to keep your social game strong.

Hotmail Rebooted

Continuing its summer series of rollouts and revamps, Microsoft has just released a preview of its upcoming mail client makeover. After a quick glance, it certainly looks impressive and I plan on giving it a try immediately. Over the next few months, Hotmail users will have the opportunity to upgrade to the new Outlook.com for a fresh start from the aging mail service. Ads have been removed from personal accounts to free up more space in the clean Metro design and the social network integration will be a hugely popular addition. Another exciting feature worth mentioning is the Skype integration which will rollout eventually allowing for seamless video web calling. Be sure to signup for the preview at Outlook.com and secure your preferred handle before it gets snatched up.

Flag Tags #FTW

There are plenty of bold social media plays from the official Olympic sponsors, but in my opinion, it’s Panasonic who are off to an early lead. The Flag Tags Facebook app is a true standout allowing fans to create an avatar of themselves with their country’s flag ‘painted’ on their face. Simply upload a photo (or snap one with your webcam), select up to two countries of your choice, and tweak the details before sharing. A League Table lists the most popular countries and the Gallery showcases the top shots as well as any already created from your network of friends. Complete with native iOS and Android versions, this is a brilliant, well rounded execution giving it a well-deserved place on the podium.


When it comes to iOS devices, your home screen can reveal a lot about your personality. Although some may take this treasured real-estate more seriously than others, there is always a good reason for any app being promoted to home screen placement. This is probably why the team at iXyr have created Homescreen.me – an organized way to put homescreens in the spotlight. While it’s perfect for tracking the evolution of your own home screen(s), the real value is in search and discovery as users have the ability to describe each app and justify why it is there. Still rather limited in functionality, Homescreen.me has the potential to become a valuable app discovery tool.


With countless analytics tools being released every week, the market has quickly become overly saturated. However, very few solutions have yet to make any serious attempt at tackling Pinterest. Entirely focused on this emerging database of purchasing intent, Pinfluencer has officially launched to the public today. Pitching itself as “actionable analytics for Pinterest”, the startup provides brands with the ability to track key metrics around pins as well as compare their efforts to the competition. By far the most robust and granular solution I have seen to date, it currently tracks over 25+ performance metrics. Pricing is on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model with tiered levels based on usage, but it also offers a two month free trial. Expect to see them continue to push the envelope with an upcoming self-serve platform for retailers to reward their most engaged pinners.

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