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As the eyes of the world focus on London’s ‘unmissable’ Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday, the other brilliant sporting events we’ve seen across the globe this summer have already become a distant memory.

Who scored the first goal at UEFA Euro 2012? Who was the first person sent off? These are just some of the stats that now elude us as conversations around the competition fade.  But as talk turns to Pendleton, Ennis and Coe, we at 1000heads Australia are wrapping up and reflecting on the work we did for Setanta Australia during the UEFA Euro 2012 campaign.

We were approached by the sports channel to raise awareness and increase engagement with the brand in social media, leading up to and during the campaign. With an engaged Facebook community and a virtually unused Twitter channel, we set out to make Setanta synonymous with Euro 2012 in Australian social conversations, with a secondary goal of creating advocates for the brand.

Research (and common sense) told us that it’s the greatest moments in football that fans remember most; those spectacular, seemingly impossible events that make the game so extraordinary and compelling. And so we developed a Facebook app, PredictaBALL, which was designed to excite and engage football fans around the Euros.



We also engaged carefully selected influential fans to help spread the PredictaBALL word and join the online conversation. They ranged from TV commentators to social writers within their communities, most of whom have become true advocates of the brand, and who regularly talk about Setanta online and share the latest news as it happens.

The PredictaBALL competition began with crowdsourcing weird and wonderful predictions of what might happen during the campaign.  Then, two weeks before kick-off, we selected the top 100 suggestions and launched phase two of PredictaBALL, allowing people to vote on possible occurrences, ranging from the likely to the impossible.  If their prediction came true, they’d have a chance of winning prizes, with the least likely events garnering the most valuable of the prizes.

During the life of the PredictaBALL app and throughout the tournament, we kept up an ongoing commentary on games as well as addressing the issues raised by the growing and talkative community. This ensured that new followers were made to feel valued and part of a passionate network of football supporters in a country where Australian Rules Football and Rugby dominate local media coverage.

In the end we created a vibrant community who now trust Setanta with all their questions and opinions when it comes to football. Overall conversation outside of Setanta’s twitter and Facebook streams increased by 2000% and we facilitated creation of over 100 blog posts mentioning PredictaBALL, with a reach of 355,000 people.

Perhaps most importantly, Setanta also experienced significant uplift in subscriptions. Now, we’re looking forward to the challenge of creatively continuing the conversations we started; passion for football never dies, and Setanta has become central to that passion in Australia.

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